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Pluralism in Action: United by Differences

Any kind of conference that attempts to preach or inform on moral issues tends to provoke a degree of cynicism from students. As the freshman class recovered from Hurricane Irene and grew exhausted with NSO’s enthusiastic onslaught of activities, many felt a general reluctance to attend anything structured that was designed for[Read More…]

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Bolster Diversity With Expanded Criteria

The first report from the Diversity and Inclusiveness Initiative has been released. While lengthy, its core recommendation is to increase campus diversity. In particular, it calls for increases from members of underrepresented groups – including “need-eligible students, first-generation college goers, African-American students, Native American students and Latino students.” There are[Read More…]

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Lines Drawn by Williams Firing

For 40 years, National Public Radio has been a national treasure. In an age in which the airwaves are inundated with bombast and spin by two-bit shock jocks, our national publicly funded radio station has blossomed with its distinctive, probing, even-keeled and intellectually rigorous content. NPR brings us “This American[Read More…]

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GU NAACP President Discusses Diversity Issues

The beginning of the semester has been a turbulent time for black students at Georgetown, with racist graffiti and a climbing rope that was initially deemed to be a possible noose found under Healy. The incidents and the university’s response have only intensified the discussion about diversity on campus. THE[Read More…]

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Black House E-mail Campaign Raises Diversity Awareness

In a letter-writing campaign held at the Black House Monday evening, participants responded to a string of diversity-related issues that have arisen on campus this academic year. Monday’s initiative was coordinated by Candace Carrington (COL ’12), Ross Anderson (COL ’11), Liani Balasuriya (COL ’11) and Taelor Conley (COL ’12), all[Read More…]

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The Verdict 9-17-10

JUST MISUNDERSTOOD – Fox News recently ranked Jack the bulldog one of “College’s Most Dangerous Mascots.” They obviously have never met Jack. ASS EXODUS – On Thursday afternoon the Leavey Center was evacuated due to a gas leak originating from a conference room. IMPROVING INCLUSIVENESS – Earlier this week, Newsweek[Read More…]

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Make Way for Ugly Ducklings

New students on campus may remember recently submitting an optional photograph along with their application to Georgetown. In their first days on the Hilltop, they may also have noticed the general attractiveness of our student body. Georgetown students are generally perceived as good-looking by their peers, and this may be[Read More…]

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Diversity Education Key to Lifelong Personal Discovery

To date, the Young Leaders in Education About Diversity pre-orientation program is the best thing I have done for myself. I realize that’s a loaded statement, but I mean it – even after two years at Georgetown, a study-abroad experience and a handful of incredible internships in D.C. YLEAD is[Read More…]

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Call for Change, From the Bottom Up

The Obama staffers and community leaders with whom I spent my break between sophomore and junior years referred to our campaign as Freedom Summer 2008. Decades after courageous, radical young women and men swarmed Mississippi in the summer of 1964 to register suppressed and intimidated blacks voters, I moved to[Read More…]

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Diversity Needed Beyond Classroom

Cura personalis, the Jesuit motto integral to a Georgetown education, is an important part of what makes our university special. With this in mind, the Academic Working Group of the Initiative on Diversity and Inclusiveness recently became the third group of University President John J. DeGioia’s Diversity Initiative to release[Read More…]

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