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Bicycling Moves Adventures Beyond the Front Gates

Mobility is a luxury. As midterms finally begin to wane and I find myself with enough time to wander off campus, this has again become achingly clear. Without a nearby metro stop or access to a car, transportation options can certainly seem limited. Back at home, my stolid Honda Pilot[Read More…]

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There’s More to DC Than the Postcard View

There’s nothing quite like a walk to the monuments at night. A slow stroll down the waterfront just as the sun is setting is a perfect way to welcome the weekend, unwind after a day in Lau, or simply digest a Baked and Wired cupcake. At the end of the[Read More…]

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As Halloween Creeps Closer, Find DC’s Haunts

Georgetown does Halloween well. So it should — we have a serious reputation to uphold after the 1973 release of William Friedkin’s cult horror film “The Exorcist.” The movie’s chilling score, which crawls up and down my spine even now as I listen to it for the 10th time, serves[Read More…]

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Scenic Trails Provide Opportunity for Escape

I’ll be the first to admit that running isn’t as fun as it is often claimed to be. Many Lululemon-clad Hoyas would be all too happy to argue that point as they lace up their neon sneakers and set out to beat the sun to the monuments. The American Fitness[Read More…]

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Caffeine and Cramming: Off-Campus Study Spots

We’ve all heard it before. It’s a common piece of Georgetown advice: break the bubble. Although we live in one of the most interesting, important and approachable cities in the nation, it’s all too easy to fall into a comfortable pattern and never step outside of campus. A trip to[Read More…]

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The Case for Basil

Caprese. Margherita pizza. Pesto. Nearly every living, breathing, sentient human being I know has had a little Italian love affair with at least one of these dishes. These are also easy to make in a dorm room — if you have the ingredients, that is. Tomatoes are easy enough to[Read More…]

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