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Too Conservative?

Too Conservative?

The Republican party seems more dysfunctional than usual as of late, from difficulty passing a bland transportation bill to the farcical polling lead of Donald Trump.  Nothing reveals the fissures within the party more clearly than the recent dissention of Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), a very conservative party member who,[Read More…]

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Scheuer’s Right to Be Radical

Michael Scheuer, an adjunct professor for the School of Foreign Service, recently doubled down on an argument that culminated in suggesting the assassination of President Obama, again raising questions about Scheuer’s continued role at Georgetown and the relationship between scholars with extreme views and the universities where they work. Concerns about Scheuer’s violent and potentially[Read More…]

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More Flak For Uribe

Former President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe Velez’s presence on campus continues to incite opposition in the form of student protests, combined with vocal dissent from some members of the Jesuit community. Demonstrations against Uribe’s appointment as a Distinguished Scholar in the Practice of Global Leadership are expected early next month,[Read More…]

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