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Five Mumps Cases Reported on Georgetown Main Campus

Five cases of mumps, a contagious disease preventable by vaccination, have been reported to the Student Health Center this semester. Three of those cases occurred this month, leading Assistant Vice President for Student Health Vince WinklerPrins to send a public health alert to the university community Thursday. All five cases[Read More…]

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Entitled “After the Crisis,” photojournalist Sara May's exhibit features photos from her travels to Sierra Leone and offers an intimate look into everyday life, documenting the struggle of the human subjects as they adapt to life without the loved ones they lost to Ebola.

Photojournalist Examines Post-Ebola Life in Sierra Leone

Photojournalism has the power to raise awareness for otherwise forgotten stories, according to photojournalist Sara May at an opening of her exhibit detailing the aftermath of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone at the Washington, D.C. Leica Store on Friday. Titled “After the Crisis,” the exhibit features photos from May’s[Read More…]

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MEYERTHOLEN: Scientific Literacy: Left Out Liberal Art

MEYERTHOLEN: Scientific Literacy: Left Out Liberal Art

A few years ago, the Harvard Gazette published an article called “Way to Delay Huntington’s Disease Found.” These words would be music to the ears of families that endure the hardships of Huntington’s disease, a devastating neurological disease that currently has no effective treatment. The article featured the landmark work[Read More…]

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Vaccines Require Good Science and Human Unity

When I was a child, I thought vaccines gave me superpowers against disease. At my annual check-ups, my doctor would inject a magical potion, which gave me the ability to fight off any microscopic villains that were out to attack me. I never feared vaccines because my parents never feared[Read More…]

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The Invisible Disease

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, one in every 12 adults is affected by alcoholism. Alcoholism is diagnosed by risky drunk behaviors, alcohol dependence and binge drinking patterns. It is a disease that infrequently manifests itself in the outside physical appearance of a victim, yet frequently[Read More…]

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Club Covers Cost of Cups to Control Contamination

Cups for Campus, a new program initiated by School of Nursing and Health Studies students, is a program that, if initiated, would provide free cups and health education to students in order to prevent the spread of diseases at campus parties. The group is currently fundraising and looking for partners,[Read More…]

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Klain Appointed Ebola Czar

President Barack Obama appointed Georgetown University adjunct professor Ron Klain (CAS ’83) to head the United States’ response to the Ebola outbreak Friday, affecting his role on campus this semester. “When the president called, giving up this class was one of the top things on my mind,” Klain said to[Read More…]

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Student Diagnosed With Mumps

An undergraduate student at Georgetown was recently diagnosed with mumps, Assistant Vice President for Student Health Services James C. Welsh announced to the campus community Tuesday. According to Welsh, this is currently the only confirmed or suspected case at the university, although mumps has been confirmed or suspected at other[Read More…]

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