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Georgetown University and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts are collaborating on a three-part series for students to attend free performances.

Students Can Attend Free Kennedy Center Performances With New Series

The Georgetown-Kennedy Center Seminar Series, launching in November, will enable Georgetown students to attend three performances at the center free of charge and engage in post-performance discussions centered on an annual theme, the university announced Oct. 17. The seminar series is a joint collaboration between Georgetown College, the Georgetown Humanities[Read More…]

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LIU: Combatting the Culture of Instant Genius

Books, for many of us, have become trophies to demonstrate superiority over our peers. News articles are regurgitated to broadcast our worldliness, and documentaries are not watched for enjoyment, but rather for proving our intelligence in our next conversation. Having grown up alongside Hermione Granger — beloved by Harry Potter[Read More…]

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Administrators, Students Re-Examine State of Free Speech at Georgetown

Georgetown must continue to facilitate spaces for meaningful dialogue and open exchange of diverse ideas, according to a panel on free speech and expression held Tuesday evening in the Healey Family Student Center Social Room. The panel, featuring Georgetown University Student Association President Kamar Mack (COL ’19), Assistant Dean for Student Engagement Erika Cohen-Derr, associate professor of government[Read More…]

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COURTESY Courtney Maduike
GUWOC Outreach Chair Courtney Maduike (SFS ’17) led a panel on diversity and race with Ayo Aruleba (COL ’17), Asha Thanki (SFS ’17), Gilda Gallardo (COL ’17) and Tanner Davis (SFS ’17).

Students Discuss Diverse Experiences of Race at Georgetown

Georgetown University Women of Color hosted its annual “Race at Georgetown” dialogue in an effort to discuss issues of race and diversity within the larger campus community in the Intercultural Center Auditorium on Tuesday night. The event was held in conjunction with the “What’s a Hoya?” initiative, focusing on freshman[Read More…]

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Address Sexual Assault, Not Drama

Every break since this November, I dread a certain conversation my household is bound to bring up — the December 2014 “A Rape on Campus” story published by Rolling Stone. I don’t dread this discussion because I’m scared of talking about sexual assault, but because I’m scared of what other[Read More…]

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Worlds Away in Jordan, Identity Remains Masked

Worlds Away in Jordan, Identity Remains Masked

On the first day of my semester abroad in Amman, Jordan, my program director explained to my group that if we were not Muslim or Christian, “It’s easiest just to tell people you’re Christian.” I did not think it would be particularly hard to avoid telling people that I was[Read More…]

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Students Gather To Discuss Diversity Course Requirement

Students gathered to discuss the need for a structured diversity course requirement on campus in a conversation hosted by Leaders in Education about Diversity and the Philodemic Society in the Black House on Tuesday. Students continued their discussion on the diversity course requirement at a town hall hosted yesterday by[Read More…]

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In Response to “Engage in a Relevant Pro-Life Discussion”

After reading Mallory Carr’s recent piece in The Hoya titled “Engage in a Relevant Pro-Life Discussion” on H*yas for Choice and the Annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life (The Hoya, A3, Jan. 30, 2015), I feel compelled to engage in “relevant discussion.” But in order to do this, it is[Read More…]

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HEYMANN: For Academic Apathy, Remedy in Discussion

HEYMANN: For Academic Apathy, Remedy in Discussion

I fear apathy. I truly do. Last week, I was walking to White-Gravenor Hall, and in typical springtime fashion, the campus was alive with an abundance of activity. GUGS was out grilling, student grou ps peppered the lawn, music was playing and conversation mingled pleasantly with the warm, damp sky.[Read More…]

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Diversity for Georgetown Talks

Under the vision of A.J. Serlemitsos (COL ’17), the new organization Georgetown Talks aims to encourage students to talk about their personal experience at Georgetown and foster conversations on campus about diversity and students’ personal issues. The organization’s first event will be a talk given by Serlemitsos on Wednesday about[Read More…]

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