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GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY | Georgetown's first Cultural Climate Survey will be used to identify points for improvement in inclusivity policy and resources, Rosemary Kilkenny, vice president for Institutional Diversity and Equity, said.

GU Set to Launch Survey Assessing Cultural Inclusivity

Georgetown plans to roll out its first Cultural Climate Survey to gauge inclusivity and diversity on campus, according to the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity & Affirmative Action. The Cultural Climate Survey is set to examine an array of identity and diversity distinctions, including race, ethnicity, faith, sexuality, ability, gender[Read More…]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Equality for Women’s Rugby

I am a parent of a senior here at Georgetown University. My husband and I live in Maine, have six daughters and run our own small business, so it is difficult for either of us to visit.  I was grateful for the opportunity to come to Washington, D.C., over Parents’ Weekend. During[Read More…]

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The National Center for Transgender Equality reported that 37 percent of transgender respondents experienced psychological distress.

Anti-Trans Discrimination Rises in Washington, D.C.

Discrimination against transgender individuals is causing disproportionate mental health issues in the Washington, D.C. area, with 37 percent of trans respondents reporting psychological distress compared to an overall 5 percent national average in 2011, a National Center for Transgender Equality study found. The survey responses, coupled with increasing rates of[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Refocus Admissions on Merit

As admissions season gets underway, nearly 20,000 hopeful students will vie for a spot in the Georgetown University Class of 2022. Last year, a mere 15.4 percent of the 21,465 applicants were accepted. In this admissions cycle, Georgetown should evaluate applicants on their merit alone by ceasing the practice of[Read More…]

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BROTHERS: Sometimes We Do Not Choose Our Labels

Some time ago, I read the words of Sayed Kashua, a Muslim journalist from Haaretz, who wrote after the attacks in Paris: “My first thought was: How the blazes do I cancel my labeling as a Muslim? How can I dump every definition that’s liable to connect me with those[Read More…]

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Hold the Door Open

Hold the Door Open

Last Friday, hundreds of students donned their orange “I am” T-shirts for Coming Out Day in a celebration of gender and sexual identity. With Coming Out Day and a number of other events sponsored by GUPride and the LGBTQ Resource Center, OUTober serves to recognize both the triumphs and continued[Read More…]

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Making Space For South Asian Culture

As I scanned the screen, my brows furrowed and my eyes narrowed in anger and frustration, but not in shock. I could easily believe the events of Tuesday, Sept. 8,, 2015, when a United States citizen was viciously attacked in a Chicago suburb. Inderjit Singh Mukker was accused of being[Read More…]

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Naming the Fire that Defines Me

Naming the Fire that Defines Me

The first time I ever had to speak as the voice of my entire race, I was four. It was during a kindergarten lesson about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Lucas, a fellow classmate and fashion victim of the classic ’90s DIY mushroom cut, however, was not down for the[Read More…]

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By Any Other Name

As the last burgundy and gold leaves cling desperately to the treetops of the nation’s capital, and D.C. residents watch the sun set on another Indian summer, the city’s NFL team finds itself, once again, mired in irrelevance. Washington is the owner of a 3-7 record and the fourth-place spot[Read More…]

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Discriminatory Discretion

It goes without saying that students are entitled to their individual beliefs, religious or otherwise. But when student activities funds come from a common pool and are billed as a lump sum on each student’s tuition statement, allowing individuals to cherry-pick which activities they fund based on their religious preference[Read More…]

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