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Antagonism Beyond Our Front Gates

It arrived through email in February of last year. The subject line declared, “Office of Student Conduct: Notice of Off-Campus Citation.” My eyes rolled passed the complaint: “Failing to ensure trash, litter or trash bags are placed in appropriate trash receptacle(s).” I cringed and kept scrolling. “Trash Work Sanction Hours.[Read More…]

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The Changing Face of Catholic Discipline

Catholic school. The words evoke a stern image: punishment meted out at a ruler’s edge, crisp and abrupt as a cassock’s collar. At Catholic school, we might believe that trouble costs because discipline hurts. In the early nineteenth century, discipline at Georgetown certainly hurt. The school adopted a model of[Read More…]

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NFL Franchises Deserve The Blame for Discipline Drama

Roger Goodell must go. Chances are you’ve seen this sentence in recent days. It is an understatement to say Goodell has received his fair share of criticism following the Ray Rice incident. Leading national sportswriters have called for Goodell’s ouster, not to mention the National Organization for Women (NOW). It’s[Read More…]

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Off-Campus Discipline Crackdown Looms

The university is planning a crackdown on rowdy off-campus parties after spring break, outgoing GUSA President Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) confirmed. “It’s not that the university is going to be stricter, per se, but they’re going to enforce the rules that already exist,” Gustafson said. “It’s not a policy change.” The crackdown[Read More…]

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