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LANDRE: Protect the Disability Safety Net

Toward the end of last summer, I stopped drinking coffee in the morning. It wasn’t, as one of my coworkers inquired, because I wanted a caffeine detox or a switch to tea. Instead, my insurance company was threatening to cut my aide services. I was trying to reduce my drinking[Read More…]

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LANDRE: Acknowledge Disability as Diversity

LANDRE: Acknowledge Disability as Diversity

It took me a long time to consider myself “disabled.” I know that sounds strange coming from someone who, wheelchair and all, is a veritable poster child for the term. Yet growing up, “disabled” conjured images of sick people on television or patients in the hospital where my mom worked.[Read More…]

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A New Lens on Navigating Disability

A New Lens on Navigating Disability

From the outset, James Sullivan’s (COL ’03) study abroad experience his junior year did not go according to plan. Scheduled to depart for Villa Le Balze, Georgetown’s study center in Florence, on Sept. 11, 2001, Sullivan’s trip was delayed amid the tumult of terrorist attacks in New York City and[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: The 2017 GUSA Accessibility Report Card

VIEWPOINT: The 2017 GUSA Accessibility Report Card

Every year, student government hopefuls preach similar slogans about inclusivity and change to the Georgetown University Student Association structure. Our future leaders almost always pledge a commitment to represent the forgotten — to crusade for the marginalized. As the outgoing chair of the GUSA Accessibility Policy Team, I have worked[Read More…]

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Noah Taylor

Fighting for an Accessible World

In the fourth grade, we learned how to line dance. The boys and girls faced each other at the center of the gym, reaching out to each other with sweaty hands, skipping and twirling down the line. It was in this line that I first understood how truly different I[Read More…]

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Accessibility Push Faces Tricky Terrain

Accessibility Push Faces Tricky Terrain

When Rachel Anderson (COL ’17) broke her leg on a spring night in 2015, she soon realized that getting in and out of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital would be the easy part. It was navigating campus in the following weeks that proved to be much more difficult. On her[Read More…]

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Make Audits Public

A recent external review audit has revealed grave shortcomings within Georgetown’s Academic Resource Center, a tutoring and consultation service available to undergraduate and graduate students. According to the full report, which was leaked to The Hoya, conducted by academic professionals in October 2015 and submitted to campus administrators in January,[Read More…]

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Continue the Disability Conversation

To the Editor, As a proud Hoya alum, class of 1984, I was alarmed by the article “Make Campus Accessible for All” (The Hoya, A3, Dec 4, 2015). I am a nationally recognized advocate for persons with disabilities. As a blind student, I faced and overcame many barriers. In those[Read More…]

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Access the Community

Georgetown’s first Disability Studies Course Cluster is well under way thanks to collaboration between the university’s English department and Disability Studies Working Group. This exciting development undeniably advances Georgetown’s Jesuit values while addressing the lack of disability engagement on campus. In the absence of a disability cultural center, offering increased[Read More…]

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Inclusivity, Now

For most Georgetown students, the seemingly ever-present maze of construction on campus is little more than an inconvenient eyesore. Yet, this labyrinth of barricades and detours poses a substantial obstacle to many disabled students navigating Georgetown’s fractured campus. The university is responsible for accommodating the needs of all Hoyas and[Read More…]

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