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MAGGIE CHEN FOR THE HOYA Author Eli Clare (left) suggested a new model for the special education system that better integrates students with disabilities into the classroom at an event Oct. 4.

Author Urges Reform of Special Education System

The special education system contributes to the marginalization of people with disabilities, author Eli Clare said at an event Thursday hosted by the LGBTQ Center in the HFSC Social Room. The event, held in honor of the center’s upcoming 10th anniversary, addressed the intersection of disability, race and transness in[Read More…]

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Disability Studies Minor Approved

After about three years of advocacy by the Disability Studies Minor Working Group, Georgetown is set to offer a new minor on disability studies this fall after it was approved by the Georgetown College Executive Council on Monday. With the introduction of the minor, the university is set to join[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Uphold Curricular Diversity

As an academic institution, our community benefits from opportunities to learn from a wide range of academic disciplines. The Georgetown University Student Association is currently circulating a petition calling for the university to launch a disability studies minor. The minor would consist of foundational courses, electives and a capstone, similar[Read More…]

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Activists organized a vigil on Capitol Hill Sunday to commemorate the murders of people with disabilities.

Vigil Recalls Disability Murders

People with disabilities murdered by their parents were honored in a vigil on the National Mall Sunday. The vigil, which was held in front of the U.S. Capitol, commemorated the Disability Day of Mourning and was supported by prominent disability rights advocacy organizations, including the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, ADAPT,[Read More…]

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Disability Compliance Draws Scrutiny

With recent lawsuits filed against universities for inadequate resources for students with disabilities, Georgetown’s policies could leave the university vulnerable to a similar lawsuit, though administrators asserted that the university was compliant with federal disabilities legislation. Two federal class action lawsuits, which were filed Feb. 12 by the National Association[Read More…]

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An essay by disability rights activist Lydia Brown (COL ’15) is on the 
syllabus for new anthropology course “Disability and Culture.”

Student Essay Featured in Disability Course

An anthology featuring an essay by Lydia Brown (COL ’15), a student activist for disability rights, will be used as coursework in a new anthropology course called “Disability and Culture,” taught by Professor Sylvia Onder. The anthology, titled “Criptiques,” is a collection of works by disabled writers, “exploring the provocative[Read More…]

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Cura Personalis Should Comply With the ADA

In the Georgetown University Student Association senate Sunday night, we unanimously passed a resolution calling for Georgetown University to revisit accessibility policies in relation to campus events that occur outside of the classroom. In fact, the university website states, “Inspired by the Jesuit value of educating the whole person, Georgetown[Read More…]

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Strong Words From GU’s Disabled

Students tweeted about their experiences of being disabled at Georgetown on Monday using the hashtag #BDGU. The protest — inspired by the December #BLGU, #BAGU and #BBGU Twitter protests by minority groups — lamented that Georgetown is far from being disability friendly. Organized by Lydia Brown (COL ’15) along with[Read More…]

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Disability Cultural Center Under Development

For every disabled student who has struggled to navigate campus, Georgetown students are in the initial stages of establishing one of the country’s first Disability Cultural Centers. “As a whole we live on one of the most inaccessible campuses ever,” said Lydia Brown (COL ’15), an autistic student who is[Read More…]

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Exploring the Diversity of Ability

Exploring the Diversity of Ability

Lily Kaiser (COL ’12) was used to hiding her cerebral palsy. After all, it only affected her right hand, so it was easily concealed, even forgotten at times. For Gallaudet University freshman Kyleigh Herrera, her only form of communication is American Sign Language. She said that much of society disregards[Read More…]

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