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Dissecting the Election

It has been one week since the mid-term elections. In that time, pundits and analysts have attributed the significant Democratic losses in Congress to anti-incumbent sentiment, voter dissatisfaction with the economy, the polarized health care reform debate and federal government overreach. President Obama referred to the results as a “shellacking.”[Read More…]

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Democrats Poised to Win Area and District Elections

Most signs point to Democratic candidates winning the D.C. area’s congressional races and mayoral election, with three of the four congressional districts surrounding D.C. predicted to vote for Democratic candidates. In the D.C. mayoral election, the Republicans have not put up a candidate to challenge Vincent Gray. Gray, the D.C.[Read More…]

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Vote Republican and Reinvest in America

America faces a stark choice on Tuesday. As millions of voters take to their polling stations nationwide, we must ask ourselves: Who is best prepared to lead America forward and restore and enhance the qualities that have made us the freest, wealthiest and most exceptional nation on earth? I am[Read More…]

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Communication Failure Will Cost Dems Next Week

If the latest polls are any indication, Republicans stand a good chance of recapturing Congress next week, not to mention a majority of governorships and state legislatures across the country. Republican voters are as enthusiastic as ever, thanks in no small part to the emergence of the Tea Party movement,[Read More…]

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GU Employees Donate to Campaigns

With less than two weeks to go until midterm elections, students aren’t the only ones on campus engaged in the political process. Georgetown employees and professors have donated over $70,000 to politicians across the nation in the past two years, with the overwhelming percentage of the contributions headed to Democratic[Read More…]

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Voter Activism Heats Up

With only two weeks to go until the midterm elections, and voters across the country seeking to make their voices heard, the Georgetown University College Democrats and College Republicans are ramping up their efforts to encourage fellow students to vote. The expected average rate of youth turnout during the midterm[Read More…]

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Writing on the Wall for Obamacare Bill

Writing on the Wall for Obamacare Bill

The whole thing reads like a political fairy tale: In a race to fill the seat of the Liberal Lion of the Senate, in arguably the most Democratic state in the country, with the fate of Ted Kennedy’s lifelong legislative aspiration literally hanging in the balance, a Republican surges from[Read More…]

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