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HOCHBERG: Candidate Policies, Analyzed

HOCHBERG: Candidate Policies, Analyzed

Sorting through and evaluating the 2016 presidential candidates’ overlapping array of qualities can feel almost comically daunting. However, American voters can simplify the process by focusing on the candidates’ self-professed goals rather than rhetoric. For simplicity’s sake, take a look at the economic policies and experience of the five Democratic[Read More…]

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How Sweet The Sound

How Sweet The Sound

Barack Obama’s presidency has had no shortage of hard knocks. An obstinate and childish Congress, very public and embarrassing fumbles (especially of the foreign affairs variety), and a critical and unforgiving media have often left the president looking haggard, defeated and hopeless. His meteoric campaigns and explosive early speeches and[Read More…]

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Warren’s Calculated Decision

Warren’s Calculated Decision

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has said it time and time again: she is not running for president. Yet, choosing not to run could be the most powerful move of all. There is a certain risk that comes with running for president. Aside from the exorbitantly high price tag, a[Read More…]

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BASSEY: Addressing the Great Democratic Disconnect

BASSEY: Addressing the Great Democratic Disconnect

The dust has settled from the 2014 midterm elections. The newly elected candidates are in power, and the opposition to President Obama has made itself known, but has the message been misinterpreted? Sure, there were several instances in which Democrats lost or nearly lost (Sen. Mark Warner, Va.) because of[Read More…]

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The Democratic Downfall

The Democratic Downfall

Tuesday night brought a sound shellacking for Democrat candidates on all levels. Dismayed Democrats looked on as state after state turned deep red. Races that pundits predicted would be neck and neck became lopsided landslides for the Republican candidates. The Senatorial contests in Kentucky and Arkansas were called minutes after[Read More…]

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Janet Zhu

Dems Fight for Beliefs, Not Against Others

One of my mother’s favorite aphorisms is that one should never fight against things one doesn’t like; she only fights for things in which she believes. Growing up, I struggled with this because it is often hard to become passionate about an issue or a candidate without having some level[Read More…]

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MAIN: Disillusioned, Americans Vote GOP

MAIN: Disillusioned, Americans Vote GOP

If the words of pollsters and analysts are to be believed, the current election cycle will end with the Republican Party controlling both chambers of Congress for the first time during Barack Obama’s presidency. This sort of legislative transformation — wherein one party wins both bodies in the final years[Read More…]

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Republicans Govern Through Fear, Not Fact

In his first inaugural address in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed his belief that in America, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Last week, Republican Senate hopeful Scott Brown, running in New Hampshire, disagreed. “What she calls fear mongering, I call rational fear,” Brown said in[Read More…]

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Elizabeth Warren: The Democrat Darling Who Will Never Be President

Barring residence under a particularly impressive rock, it’s pretty much impossible to be ignorant of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) these days. Her name is splashed across every newspaper and political website; under their terms she’s a progressive rock star. With her vigorous stump speeches for Democratic candidates and a persona[Read More…]

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Michelle Nunn

A Midterm Election Battle of the Sexes

As midterm elections creep closer, things are not looking good for the Democrats. The Washington Post Election Lab is showing a very high probability of the GOP not only retaining their majority in the House, but also taking back the Senate. This outcome is typical of an administration’s sixth year[Read More…]

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