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SAMUEL NELSON/THE HOYA | Finance and consulting have consistently ranked as the top two industries for employing Georgetown graduates within one year of graduation since the class of 2012, while education and health care have generally fallen in the ranks.

Students, Faculty Seek to Diversify Career Opportunities

Consulting and finance typically dominate the employment outcomes for Georgetown graduates. Yet both students and faculty seek to expand the horizons of students exploring the job market. One year after graduation, more than 21 percent of the class of 2017 was working in the financial services industry alone, according to[Read More…]

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Mental Health Needs Speed, Not Excuses

On Monday, Sept. 21, my first semester after transferring to Georgetown went from bad to worse. I learned that two students from my old college had died. The news sent me into a downward emotional spiral. I was already having an extremely rough time transitioning to Georgetown, but this event[Read More…]

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Kelly Otter will be the new dean of the School of Continuing Studies.

Academic Leadership Shifts Over the Summer

This past summer saw the entrance of new deans for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Continuing Studies, as well as changes in the administration of the School of Nursing and Health Studies and the School of Foreign Service. Norberto Grzywacz, who currently serves as[Read More…]

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MSB Appoints New Associate Dean

Former Chief of Staff to the McDonough School of Business Dean Jeffrey Franke has been appointed the school’s first associate dean for external affairs, a new role that will focus on engagement and the school’s development. Franke, who joined the university in 2006, will now also serve as special advisor[Read More…]

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SFS Interim Dean Announced

Professor Elizabeth Arsenault has been named the interim dean in the School of Foreign Service to replace Dean Bryan Kasper, the curricular dean for International Politics majors. Arsenault’s term will begin January 3, according to an email sent to SFS undergraduates by Dean and Associate Director Mitch Kaneda Wednesday morning. Arsenault, who has a doctorate in government[Read More…]

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Rethinking Best Fit, GU School

Each year, applicants to Georgetown are asked to check a small box next to the name of one of the undergraduate schools. They write essays explaining their interest in that specific school: the dream of being the next Secretary of State, a love for the liberal arts, a passion for[Read More…]

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