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Scotland Decides: Voices on the Vote

Scotland Decides: Voices on the Vote

Scottish voters head to the polls today to decide the fate of the United Kingdom in a true exercise of democracy. Scotland is one of the four Home Countries that constitute the union, alongside England, Wales and Northern Ireland; it, alone, will participate in a referendum concerning Scotland’s independence. The[Read More…]

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Media Cite Scheuer for Assassination Endorsement

Michael Scheuer, an adjunct professor in the School of Foreign Service, has been subject to a spate of media attention this past week following a self-published column that appeared to endorse the assassinations of President Barack Obama and the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron. Scheuer’s Dec. 23 column, posted on his[Read More…]

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David Cameron’s Flawed Approach to Multiculturalism

In recent weeks, heads of states across Europe have unleashed a new line of rhetoric aimed at tackling terrorism. Well, somewhat new. From David Cameron to Angela Merkel to the always-beloved Nikolas Sarkozy, major European leaders have synchronized their political savvies to combat a persistent threat to their states’ national[Read More…]

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