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ADVENTURES IN ADULTING: Digital Dating and Confused Canoodling

ADVENTURES IN ADULTING: Digital Dating and Confused Canoodling

Doesn’t it seem like we’re all going on the same terrible first dates over and over again? Aren’t we all in the constant state of avoiding that person we hooked up with sophomore year when Brown House still seemed like our most glorious cultural institution? What even is dating on[Read More…]

EPSTEIN: Heartbreak and the Neuropsychology of Memory

Breakups, particularly painful ones, are difficult to forget. After having a broken heart, many people believe they will never get over it. But then, somehow, they eventually start thinking about their previous partner less and less, and all the negative feelings associated with the heartbreak slowly fade over time. I[Read More…]

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EPSTEIN: Why “Playing Hard to Get” is a Marketing Ploy

“Nice guys finish last.” This common phrase can often be heard coming from a guy who has been rejected by a girl to whom he was nothing but devoted. Whenever I hear someone say this, I assure him that being a nice guy is a good thing. I do believe[Read More…]

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EPSTEIN: Be an Alpha Female

A male friend once told me that he never goes home with girls who hit on him at parties. When I asked why, I anticipated a slut-shaming answer. But instead his response was, “Because all the girls who hit on me are drunk — too drunk for me to be[Read More…]

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When it Comes to Hookups, It Is All a Game

When it Comes to Hookups, It Is All a Game

As I graduate this semester with a degree in economics, I’m still having trouble figuring out what exactly I’ve learned in those countless lectures filled with supply-and-demand graphs and equations. By no stretch can I call myself an economist — yet, as I reflect on my coursework at Georgetown, I[Read More…]

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Welcome To My Struggle

Welcome To My Struggle

This is a story about Cookie Crisp. We met freshman year and occasionally said hi, usually just in passing. I never thought about him until one particular Lauinger Library encounter our junior spring semester after which I thought to myself, “He’s cute. I’d date him.” Yes, this was all set[Read More…]

Daring To Find a Date at Yates

Daring To Find a Date at Yates

No matter where Amanda Bynes is in her life, I will always remember her as Viola/Sebastian Hastings in the 2006 cult classic “She’s the Man.” In one scene, Olivia Lennox walks up to Duke Orsino on the bench press and whips out this casual cool line: “How many reps could[Read More…]

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Opting into the Dating Game

Boston College theology and philosophy professor Kerry Cronin was celebrating the end of the semester with her graduating seniors when she asked them about their romantic lives. She was shocked to hear from her beautiful, intelligent and outgoing students that dating was something straight out of the dark ages, and[Read More…]

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Learning to Love Yourself

Recently, my father has been overly interested in my dating life. Nowadays, it seems not even one conversation can go by without him asking if I’m seeing anyone. I can always hear the disappointment in his tone when I tell I him that I haven’t met anyone since we last[Read More…]

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CHOLVIN & CHRISTIANSEN: Cataloging Our Dating Mishaps

CHOLVIN & CHRISTIANSEN: Cataloging Our Dating Mishaps

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we thought that we would lighten the mood by celebrating that which often goes uncelebrated in February: disastrous romantic misadventure. Without further ado, we present several 100 percent true anecdotes of terrible dates that we have been on. Tucker: In the summer of sophomore year, I[Read More…]

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