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FILE PHOTO: SUBUL MALIK/THE HOYA Students of Georgetown, Inc. lost access to their Google accounts network in March as a result of a cyberattack.

Corp Hit by Cyberattack Last Month, Losing Access to Key Files

Students of Georgetown, Inc.’s internal network of Google accounts was hacked on the night of March 21, leaving the student-run business commonly known as The Corp without access to internal documents, records and email communications for about a day. The Metropolitan Police Department and the Georgetown University Police Department responded[Read More…]

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Cybersecurity: Your Priority in a Dangerous Digital Age

Cybersecurity: Your Priority in a Dangerous Digital Age

While Americans are still processing the fate of our country after the first presidential debate earlier this week, the FBI is investigating yet another major cyber security breach. This time, the targets of the attack were the cellphones of an undisclosed number of Democratic Party staffers. While these breaches have[Read More…]

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University Acknowledges Hacking Attempt

Georgetown’s Wi-Fi outage on March 31 was the result of a cyberattack launched against the university, according to interim Vice President and Chief Information Officer of UIS Judd Nicholson. Nicholson said the cyberattack overwhelmed university firewalls causing disrupted Internet service. “Our outage occurred because our network firewalls were unable to[Read More…]

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Corp Services Briefly Shut Following Website Hack

Students of Georgetown, Inc. was forced to close all its storefronts for two hours Monday in response to a hack on its servers. This measure was taken as a precaution to protect the integrity of its Square payment software. The Corp’s website, which is still not operational as of press[Read More…]

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UMD Attack Draws Focus to UIS

As area universities fall victim to sophisticated cyberattacks, the University Information Security Office at Georgetown remains vigilant in its attempts to combat the 2.4 million attempted intrusions Georgetown’s network faces a day. “The entire environment of cyberattacks against higher education has just simply changed. No longer sort of this lone[Read More…]

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