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Red House Provides Unique Space for Collaboration

At first glance, Georgetown’s Red House, nestled a stone’s throw from Lauinger Library on 37th Street, seems like just another town house. But inside, a mix of students, professors, faculty and administrators are rethinking the world of higher education. The Red House opened in June as a central gathering location[Read More…]

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COOK: The New Normal of Online Class

COOK: The New Normal of Online Class

Student: What about “Concepts of Biology”? Big State University is offering it online this summer, and I need it for my core requirement. Dean: I see a few problems. The course seems entirely self-paced. You review PowerPoint presentations and take quizzes when you feel ready. Student: What about this Shakespeare[Read More…]

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Employers Question Workforce Preparedness

Graduating students entering the job market have a significantly higher impression of their readiness for employment than their employers, according to a report released last week by the Association of American Colleges and Universities. While the result reflects the growing demand for skill requirements in a sluggish post-recession job market,[Read More…]

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When Pre-Med Gets Personal

The overambitious pre-medical student is a staple on the Georgetown campus. If you are not one yourself, you certainly know one. Pre-meds, as we are affectionately called, spend long nights laboring over lab experiments and science problem sets in the hope that we will someday receive the coveted golden ticket:[Read More…]

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HEALY: Seminars a Core Component

HEALY: Seminars a Core Component

After their first few weeks at Georgetown, most students are pretty familiar with their academic distribution requirements. While these requirements differ by school, at their core, they aim to give each student a balanced education in the liberal arts. Students may chafe at being forced to take certain classes, but[Read More…]

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SFS Survey Calls for More Space, Curriculum Reform

Results of a survey conducted by the Bachelors of Foreign Service Review Committee suggest student desire for more student space and core curriculum reform. Results of the survey, which was conducted last semester, were released Wednesday. According to SFS Academic Council President Lucas Stratmann (SFS ’12), the survey was drafted by the academic council in[Read More…]

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Game Plan

Despite the criticism it has drawn from some observers, the recent proposal to implement a diversity requirement in the undergraduate curriculum is admirable. But before taking any concrete steps, the university must carefully prioritize its goals. The plan outlined by the Academic Working Group of the Diversity Initiative includes the[Read More…]

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Proposal Fragments Curriculum

Georgetown’s institutional arrangements embody a subtle but profound philosophy about the relationship of the “Many and the One.” Each of us at once belongs to a specific school as well as a university. We are part of a collegium – a gathering of colleagues, of particular people bound in a[Read More…]

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Lone Star State Revises History

Lone Star State Revises History

“We as a nation were intended by God to be a light set on a hill to serve as a beacon of hope and Christian charity to a lost and dying world.” Thus was born America, and unto her was rendered glory and favor, and the pagan nations of the[Read More…]

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