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KIRK ZIESER/THE HOYA undergraduate students will be able to pursue minors in the college starting in the fall of 2019 after a vote of the SFS School Council.

SFS School Council Grants Final Approval for Cross-School Minors

The School of Foreign Service’s School Council voted unanimously to permit undergraduates to pursue any two minors or certificates offered by the university, beginning this fall. The School Council, which oversees SFS educational policy, passed the proposal Jan. 17. The School Council vote was the final approval needed after the[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Streamline Student Input

Georgetown University’s current system of processing and implementing student input regarding academic curricula is ineffective. By assembling a semesterly forum for student input with a review board of diverse deans and faculty, the university will be better equipped to address community concerns. Georgetown recognizes the value of student voices, as[Read More…]

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PANJWANI: SFS Should Cancel Class, Condemn Islamophobic CVE

This fall, the School of Foreign Service will host a class titled “Community-Based Terror Prevention (INAF-262-01).” The course description refers to the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program, which was started by former President Barack Obama’s administration. By offering this course, the SFS is wrongly legitimizing CVE’s framework, which punishes misperceived[Read More…]

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MUCHOW: Re-Engineering Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs seek to transform ways of doing business to create better results. But we can re-engineer how entrepreneurship is taught at Georgetown University so it can better meet the real problems entrepreneurs face when they leave the classroom to start companies. Georgetown has made real progress in the teaching of[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Develop Ethnic Studies Programs

Georgetown University’s curriculum does not reflect the academic demands of its underrepresented communities. Ethnic studies programs empower students to learn more about their own cultures and the cultures of other people. The university has recognized the value of these programs in the past, evidenced by the introduction of an African-American[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Combat Curricular Eurocentrism

One of the supposed hallmarks of our university is its international focus and unwavering dedication to creating capable students who can thrive anywhere. Yet a look at the languages offered at Georgetown clearly indicates that our university is not as truly committed to the global perspective as it openly boasts.[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Uphold Curricular Diversity

As an academic institution, our community benefits from opportunities to learn from a wide range of academic disciplines. The Georgetown University Student Association is currently circulating a petition calling for the university to launch a disability studies minor. The minor would consist of foundational courses, electives and a capstone, similar[Read More…]

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Economics, A Love-Hate Relationship

Thomas Carlyle first coined the phrase “dismal science” back in the 19th century to describe the field of economics. In a modern setting, the term aptly fits the majority of students’ relationship with the subject. Walk through Lau 2 in in the middle of the semester and you will see[Read More…]

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NAPOLITANO: Defining Professional In Liberal Art Terms

NAPOLITANO: Defining Professional In Liberal Art Terms

This is a provocation, pro-vocation. Until recently, there was a rule buried deep within the College section of the Undergraduate Bulletin, a rule obscure enough that you would have been unlikely to encounter it until you violated it: “No more than four pre-professional courses may be counted towards the degree,[Read More…]

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After a student-led push, the Main Campus Executive Faculty will vote on adding a diversity requirement.

MCEF to Vote On Core Change

The Main Campus Executive Faculty will vote today on the addition of a diversity requirement to the core curriculum that would apply to the Class of 2019. The vote follows months of campaigning by the Last Campaign for Academic Reform and the Provost’s Committee for Diversity to add a diversity[Read More…]

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