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DIAZ: Finding a Holistic Education

DIAZ: Finding a Holistic Education

As a 15-year-old Cuban American who had never set foot outside of the United States, my desire to live and learn in the Middle East seemed odd or incomprehensible to most. I was fascinated by the Arabic language, and it was my goal to attend King’s Academy, a high school[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Treat Adjuncts as Equals

Adjunct professors at Georgetown University now face an uncertain future after the passing of the Oct. 31 expiration of their collective bargaining contract with the university. Georgetown must recognize adjunct professors’ immense contributions by paying them a wage that is livable given the high cost of living in the Washington,[Read More…]

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POORTEN: Embody Jesuit Values in Daily Actions

POORTEN: Embody Jesuit Values in Daily Actions

“Jesuit values” has become a phrase often seen and often referenced, but seldom processed as a part of Georgetown’s day-to-day experience. We see these phrases all over campus — at least, when we’re looking. They are on banners draped from lamp posts, carved into concrete foundations, painted on the walls[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Living Out Cura Personalis

When I was considering Georgetown, I repeatedly asked people to explain the meaning of cura personalis. The idea was simple enough, but I could not wrap my mind around how a university could live out “care for the whole person.” People would tell me that cura personalis means that chaplains-in-residence,[Read More…]

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Rethinking Our Cura Personalis

How many times does a high school student on a Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program weekend hear the phrase cura personalis before beginning the process of becoming a zombie Hoya, rushing to Lauinger Library in order to finish a paper after a Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union networking[Read More…]

Cold Treatment

Cold Treatment

Students and professors alike recently experienced the record-setting blizzard and ensuing four-day weekend that immobilized the District of Columbia. In order to clear the heavy drifts of snow and ice, as well as serve food to snowed-in students, many of Georgetown University’s dining and facilities employees stayed on campus for[Read More…]

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The Work Ahead for Trans Student Rights

This summer was big for the LGBTQ community — particularly the transgender community. Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender and started a documentary series. Another season of “Orange Is the New Black” revealed the very real dangers of transphobia when Sophia, the transgender character, was attacked and then put into[Read More…]

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‘I Am Ready’ Should Do More

To the Editor: While I am encouraged to see that New Student Orientation now includes an education component on sexual assault (“Anchors Aweigh for NSO 2014,” A7, Aug. 26, 2014), I hope to see a continued and aggressive effort to combat this problem. Transparency and a clear message about the[Read More…]

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A Fanfare for Fiction

As another school year begins winding down and the Hilltop again begins the finals crunch, student anxiety becomes an unmistakable undercurrent of university life. Partial salvation, however, can be found in a familiar but estranged source – the oft-forgotten love of fiction. Despite their hectic schedules, students should consider setting[Read More…]

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When Pre-Med Gets Personal

The overambitious pre-medical student is a staple on the Georgetown campus. If you are not one yourself, you certainly know one. Pre-meds, as we are affectionately called, spend long nights laboring over lab experiments and science problem sets in the hope that we will someday receive the coveted golden ticket:[Read More…]

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