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Sex Sells Georgetown Short

It is in the wind here at Georgetown, carried in every puff of hurried breath laced with 5 gum, Marlboro or coffee mixed with last night’s Burnett’s. Connotations, insinuations and expectations pour out of every glance; every passing word; every decision on where to sit in class; what level to[Read More…]

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STONE: Cultures Are Not Our Toys

STONE: Cultures Are Not Our Toys

I was asked, “How do I explain to white people that it’s wrong to treat East-Asian religions as fads?” They explained that there are people who want to “become” Taoist, Buddhist, Sikh or Hindu but without any of the relevant social context or history. Two of the inquirer’s friends have[Read More…]

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BENNETT: Is It OK To Be a Faust Today?

The other day I posited a revamped version of the Faustian Question to a friend as a thought experiment. You may be familiar with the story, or at least its more well-known neologism, the Faustian Bargain. The tale of Dr. Faust — sometimes Faustus — told and retold dozens of[Read More…]

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KHAN: All Speech  Matters

KHAN: All Speech Matters

“I personally am tired of hearing that First Amendment rights protect students when they are creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment for myself and for other students here.” Those are the words of University of Missouri Student Asscoiation Vice President Brenda Smith-Lezama. The greatest invention of free people —[Read More…]

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The Space For South Asian Culture

In response to Piyusha Mittal’s viewpoint (“Making Space for South Asian Culture,” Oct. 2, 2015, The Hoya), it is important to note that, over the course of the last year, Georgetown University and the School of Foreign Service Asian Studies Program have worked to engage South Asia in a more[Read More…]

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Making Space For South Asian Culture

As I scanned the screen, my brows furrowed and my eyes narrowed in anger and frustration, but not in shock. I could easily believe the events of Tuesday, Sept. 8,, 2015, when a United States citizen was viciously attacked in a Chicago suburb. Inderjit Singh Mukker was accused of being[Read More…]

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Hard-Work, Humanity and El Último Hielero

The morning after returning home from my six-week study abroad program in Ecuador, I woke up, walked downstairs and poured myself a glass of water with ice. I didn’t even realize what I was doing until I sat down and became aware of the high-pitched clinking of the ice against[Read More…]

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BOBROSKE: It’s Odd Being an American Abroad

BOBROSKE: It’s Odd Being an American Abroad

I have lived in Ecuador and am now in South Africa, and in both places, I’ve experienced a full array of commentaries on my American nationality. First, there are the paranoid people in South America who think I’m in the CIA. During my stay in Ecuador this summer, the country[Read More…]

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Tinder Versus Reality

Tinder Versus Reality

I downloaded Tinder for 24 hours and two things happened. First, thanks to the beauty of iCloud and notifications across iPhones, my mom staged an intervention — “Really, Caitlin? You’re that desperate?” — and rejected all of my explanations — “It’s entertaining!” “It’s funny!” “I’m bored!” Second, I noticed certain[Read More…]

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Manila Mysteries

Manila Mysteries

How do I describe the textures of Manila? Standing at a busy street corner with rumbling jeepneys and pressing crowds around me, I try to pin down the unfamiliar energies of the city. Anyone who has encountered something foreign or new can relate to how I’m feeling. Actually, so could[Read More…]