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Restaurant Review: Santa Rosa Taqueria

Kathryn Baker is a Hoya Staff Writer. ★★★☆☆ Spike Mendelsohn, best known for finishing in fifth place on season four of “Top Chef,” first made his mark on the Georgetown community with his wittily named fresh burgers at Good Stuff Eatery on M Street. Now, Mendelsohn hopes to impress again[Read More…]

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PHO 75

Tastes of the World: International Cuisines in DC

  The District is an amazing place to learn about other cultures, whether by exploring its museums or attending a heritage festival on the National Mall. For some, a taste of the many world cuisines D.C. has to offer is the best way to discover more about other cultures —[Read More…]

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Restaurant Review: Alfie’s

3714 Macomb St. NW | Cuisine: Asian | $ | ★★★★★ A self-described “Traveler’s Bar” serving an ever-changing variety of Thai-inspired grub, Alfie’s is an overlooked gem in the D.C. food scene. Located in Park View, the locally uthwurced restaurant conceals delectable dishes and a charming atmosphere behind a nondescript brick[Read More…]

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A Taste of the Gift from Brittany

Brittany, located in the northwest region of France, has witnessed the birth of a medley of exquisite French cuisines, including the renowned Brittany cookies, and my personal favorite: crepes. Many characterize the crepe as a distant relative of the pancake, and not without good reason. The two do share almost[Read More…]

Museum Cafe Wows With Native American Cuisine

Museum Cafe Wows With Native American Cuisine

5/5 stars I don’t mean to diminish the educational and cultural merit of the National Museum of the American Indian, but I feel it is my duty to highlight the absolute best part of this institution: its food. Located right within the museum’s doors, the Mitsitam Cafe is a delectable surprise for[Read More…]

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Tuscany Cafe Currently Closed

Tuscany Cafe Currently Closed

Tuscany Cafe is currently closed and, according to unconfirmed reports, the cafe is closing permanently. The restaurant usually opens at 11 a.m. on weekdays, according to its website. Public records show that Tuscany’s license was set to expire May 31. According to the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs,  Aokas Brothers[Read More…]

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A Culinary Vacation

Just because you’re not leaving the city this summer doesn’t mean your palate can’t travel the world. Let your taste buds go on an adventure at these eateries: Vietnamese Pho 75 in Arlington serves up the soup from which it takes its name, made with delicious beef broth, rice noodles[Read More…]

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