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Turning the Page: The Evolution of Georgetown’s Literary Curriculum

Beltway politics and palace intrigue tend to dominate Washington, D.C.’s headlines, often overshadowing the District’s thriving culture scene. Georgetown University’s own status as an epicenter of politics and international relations often results in a strong emphasis being placed on the school’s government and foreign policy programs, leaving its literary program[Read More…]

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How To Rediscover Your Creative Edge

I recently discovered a goldmine of unparalleled value after venturing into the darkest corners of my computer desktop — my high school assignments folder. It wasn’t a predetermined visit but more of an accidental click of my computer mouse. Hovering over the red “x” icon to close the folder, I[Read More…]

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The Story I’m Not Allowed to Write

The Story I’m Not Allowed to Write

The semi-truck headed north on the 490 split. Tim pointed his car down the on-ramp, careful to speed up just enough to be uncomfortable with how quickly the traffic on his left was approaching. He reached the yield sign, flipped on his blinker and turned the wheel with gentle precision[Read More…]

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Forché Wins Poetry Fellowship

Poet, human rights activist and Georgetown professor Carolyn Forché was the recipient of this year’s Academy of American Poets fellowship. Forché currently serves as director of the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice at Georgetown. She is also the author of four collections of poetry and most recently co-authored an anthology, “The Poetry of[Read More…]

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