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Addressing the Real Issue

With all the anger, partisanship and misrepresentation that has sprung from the national debate on contraception coverage, students and alumni should be proud that University President John J.DeGioia added a voice of reason to the polarized din. DeGioia’s email to the campus community, which he sent just before spring break, put him[Read More…]

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A Dialogue Drowned by Demogoguery

When President Obama announced his mandate requiring religiously affiliated institutions to cover contraception, I was admittedly disappointed. I felt that he should have made a good-faith effort to create compromise on the issue, and I was happy to see that he finally did. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done.[Read More…]

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Calling Rush Limbaugh’s Bluff

By now we are all familiar with the story of Rush Limbaugh and his comments about Sandra Fluke that sparked a national controversy. Like many women, I was outraged by his words and struggled to understand why someone would think it was acceptable to say such things — especially on[Read More…]

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A Moderate Solution to the Contraception Conflict

To the Editor: Your coverage of Sandra Fluke’s testimony in the article “Law Student Mired in Birth Control Debate (The Hoya, A1, March 2, 2012) omits a critical detail: Georgetown Law student insurance covers prescriptions to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome.  The written testimony of Sandra Fluke actually admits this in the[Read More…]

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Red Square a Stage for Contraception Debate

As the national debate on policies governing insurance coverage of contraceptives continues, H*yas for Choice took to Red Square Monday to express support for more accessible birth control. H*yas for Choice and Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington piled $600 worth of ramen noodles in the square to represent the amount[Read More…]

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Modern Women Demand Accessible Contraception

Catholic institutions such as Georgetown University should be satisfied with the Obama administration’s compromise on the issue of providing no-cost birth control for employees, and they should work with health insurance companies to implement the new plan as soon as possible. The recent revisions render any claim that the law[Read More…]

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GU Reacts to Birth Control Mandate

In a shift that will force the university to modify health insurance policies, new federal health care regulations will require most religiously affiliated employers to provide contraceptive coverage for employees. Before the decision was announced by the Obama administration last Friday, religious institutions, including religiously affiliated universities, were exempt from[Read More…]

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Catholic Universities Pressure President Obama On Contraceptive Rule in Health Care Overhaul

In a Sept. 29 letter to the White House, 18 Catholic universities expressed their dismay with a new government mandate that would require access to contraceptives in each institution’s student health care plans. Representatives of these colleges requested exemption from a stipulation in the U.S. Department of Health and Human[Read More…]

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