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COOKE: Catcalls and Pussy Chats

COOKE: Catcalls and Pussy Chats

I can’t think of a single woman I know who hasn’t been catcalled. Each has her own way of responding to it. I, for one, keep walking without acknowledging the rather primitive comments about my appearance until I get home and can rant about them online. I have brave friends[Read More…]

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Expand Consent Education

After the expulsion of rape survivor Willa Murphy this summer, campus has rung with calls for sexual assault reform. Student activists at the forefront of this charge have presented the university with a number of policy recommendations, including ongoing and mandatory programming to educate students on issues pertaining to sexual[Read More…]

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‘Yes Means Yes’ Redefines Consent

The state of California redefined the law of consent for sexual activity on college campuses to require affirmative consent in a piece of legislation entitled “Yes Means Yes.” Under the new legislation, for two parties to engage in sexual activity, there must be, “an affirmative, unambiguous, and conscious decision,” from[Read More…]

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Title IX: Man’s Best Friend?

Title IX: Man’s Best Friend?

College campuses are hotbeds of sexual assault. As more and more frightening statistics pour in (such as the ever-unsettling one in every five women will be sexually assaulted by the end of her college career) it becomes clear just how commonplace this violence is. Superficially, a recent sexual assault case, Harris[Read More…]

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