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BIGGIO: Finding Hope in Compassion

BIGGIO: Finding Hope in Compassion

Last year, I prided myself on my immunity to the “sophomore slump,” an experience of generalized apathy common among second-year university students. While many sophomores grapple with a dissipation of excitement after college loses its novelty, I delighted in my liberation from freshman-ness. Far from the terrifying loneliness of the[Read More…]

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Nicholas Scrimenti

SCRIMENTI: Counter Hate With Meditation

The hate speech from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during this election cycle is unprecedented and dangerous. During this time, we must ask ourselves how each candidate affects the youth of America. What are the candidates teaching our children through their rhetoric and behavior? Researchers have pointed to an increase[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Example in Exemplified Service

Last week, Unsung Heroes, a student initiative dedicated to raising awareness and support for workers on campus, received national media attention for its fundraising efforts to purchase plane tickets for Umberto “Suru” Ripai, an employee at O’Donovan Hall, to visit his home country of South Sudan for the first time[Read More…]

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Nicholas Scrimenti

SCRIMENTI: Compassion, A Balancing Act

To most people, empathy is seen as the height of human insight and a necessary first step toward altruism. Empathetic people are viewed as being particularly attuned to the human condition, selflessly able to put aside their own emotions to vicariously experience the internal state of another. In actuality, though,[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Anecdotes Stand Out in Year of Speeches

VIEWPOINT: Anecdotes Stand Out in Year of Speeches

What makes a speech great? In an era where a great speech can go viral across varying platforms in a matter of minutes, an effective, captivating speech can sway public opinion and bring meaningful attention to a problem. We remember a great speech for its material, passion, context or circumstance,[Read More…]

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EPSTEIN: Why “Playing Hard to Get” is a Marketing Ploy

“Nice guys finish last.” This common phrase can often be heard coming from a guy who has been rejected by a girl to whom he was nothing but devoted. Whenever I hear someone say this, I assure him that being a nice guy is a good thing. I do believe[Read More…]

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Jinwoo Chong\The Hoya

Self-Care As An Act Of Resistance

Almost half my time at Georgetown has been a time of deep, resounding depression. Sophomore and junior year were some of my worst and best times at Georgetown. I have enjoyed this place, but I had given so much to people that I did not leave much for myself. An[Read More…]

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Jinwoo Chong\The Hoya

Passion and Humility Within Our Peers

Ite, inflammate omnia — go forth and set the world on fire. An often-heard phrase at a Jesuit school, these are the words St. Ignatius of Loyola used to encourage the Jesuits in their global mission, and the same that have been at the heart of my interactions at Georgetown.[Read More…]

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Hoyas for Hoyas

Hoyas for Hoyas

One of the reasons that I fell in love with Georgetown University as an impressionable yet hopeful high school senior was the students who occupy its halls. I toured the campus on a gorgeous fall afternoon and saw community, from the members of the Georgetown University Grilling Society grilling together[Read More…]

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A memorial for the victims of the recent shooting in Isla Vista, Calif.

The Modern Facets of Compassion

In this exact moment, dozens of UC Santa Barbara students are mourning the shooting deaths of six of their classmates; thousands of Bosnians, Croatians and Serbians are displaced from their homes and missing family or friends because of deadly flooding; and hundreds of fallen miners are being laid to rest[Read More…]

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