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New Prescription Chicken Company Delivers Soup to Your Front Door

In spring 2016, Valerie Zweig, suffering from her second bout of laryngitis in six weeks, dragged herself down to her local bar and scratched a note on a piece of paper: “Can I just get some soup broth, please?” The bartender squinted at her. “Uh, we don’t really do that,”[Read More…]

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Comfort Beyond the Table

One of the things I miss most from home is comfort food. I’ve known since I was a little kid that food is important and that it has power; that power is, perhaps, why it plays such a large role in Southern culture. Back in August, just a few days[Read More…]

GBD Fails to Deliver on Chicken and Donut Concept

GBD Fails to Deliver on Chicken and Donut Concept

Utilizing old deep frying baskets as lampshades and serving drinks in mason jars, GBD is a stereotypically hipster dining spot, conveniently located in DuPont Circle. Specializing in fried chicken and donuts, GBD is appropriately named, as it stands for the kitchen’s motto, “golden, brown and delicious.” These three adjectives provoke images of flaky, fried[Read More…]

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It Doesn’t Get Butter Than This

It Doesn’t Get Butter Than This

3/5 stars $$$$ Blame it on Paula Deen. With her recipes including four sticks of butter and enough cheddar cheese to keep Wisconsin’s economy going, Deen has likely convinced many that Southern food is the culprit in America’s obesity problem. Yet while Southern food may not be the best for[Read More…]

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