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The Highs and Lows Of the Modern Age

Let me be blunt: I am getting a little sick of technology. No, I am not a neo-Luddite: I do not want to smash all the iPods on campus with my massive microeconomics textbook. I admit that I am quite dependent on modern technology; I am writing this article on[Read More…]

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Fantasy Ball Ruins Reality

I’M STARTING TO ANNOY MYSELF NOW. Like a lot of people, I’m in a fantasy football league. I find myself constantly checking my team, constantly thinking about what trades I can make or what free agent pick-ups I should look into, and constantly talking about it to my roommate, who[Read More…]

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The Jesuit Mission: Guiding and Educating to Pursue the Truth

I LOVE BEING A JESUIT. ONE OF THE greatest joys of Jesuit life is that in joining the project of my life to the project of the Society of Jesus and its mission in service of the Church and the world, I have lived and worked with some truly remarkable[Read More…]

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Attendance Plummets as Nationals’ Promising Season Crumbles

Last April on Georgetown Day, this column happily pointed out that despite the disappointing seasons of the other three major professional sports teams in Washington, the historically abysmal Nationals were not in last place. Yet. Last April on Georgetown Day, the indestructible, unbeatable Stephen Strasburg was breezing through his starts[Read More…]

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Reflections on Clutch Play

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Lessons in Little League

When you are hanging around the house at the end of the summer, pouring over your school supplies lists and making sure you have enough marble notebooks and colored pencils, or even if you’re out to dinner on vacation with your family in late August, the Little League World Series[Read More…]

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GU Trails Rest of the Best Due to Lack of Legitimate Practice Space

There’s a small arms race going on in college basketball, and Georgetown is falling behind. Look at the Big East and you’ll find campuses with a fresh new building being opened or at least bulldozers in place. Syracuse, Villanova and West Virginia – what do they all have in common?[Read More…]

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America’s Got Talent: Giving Back

There are plenty of reasons to love America. It is the land of the free and the home of the brave; we invented baseball and jazz, skyscrapers and “Lost”; and our country has been home to some of the world’s most famous and influential people – politicians and generals, musicians[Read More…]

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Keep Energy on the Front Burner

For months, every article or column discussing the Democrats’ 2010 agenda has come with a disclaimer warning of the expiration date for meaningful progress on major issues. As the midterm elections approach, so the warning goes, political season sets in and spoils the will to tackle issues like climate change[Read More…]

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Defining Identity and Responsibility in Twelve Words

My father is a man of few words. He has always relied on his actions to speak for him. That’s why I remember so vividly the few life-defining conversations he had with me when I was growing up in the suburbs of Phoenix in the 1960s and ’70s. One of[Read More…]

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