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Where Have All the Activists Gone?

Last spring, I came to the conclusion that political activism, in the stereotypical sense, is dead. This realization came after the intense backlash to the Plan A protesters. Sure, they chained themselves to John Carroll during a Georgetown Admissions Ambassadors Program weekend. But despite Georgetown’s Jesuit identity, many students actually[Read More…]

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On Missing the Fall Semester

Thanks to a kind article by Lauren Weber (“Recovering From Jaw Cancer, Schall Will Miss Fall Semester,” THE HOYA, Aug. 31, 2010, A1), many know that I am out for the fall semester due to a combination of jaw cancer and asthma. Try to avoid both! Some scientists hint that[Read More…]

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Opining vs. Reporting

Indulge me for a few minutes as I delve into the mind of a sports columnist. Not that I consider myself a serious member of the sports media who should be regarded as an authority, but – for better or worse – I have a platform to share my thoughts[Read More…]

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Reliving Magic of Harry Potter

On Columbus Day, I made a return trip to my golden days of youth, no thanks to a time machine. Instead, three friends and I traveled to the recently opened Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla. Amanda McGeough (COL ’12), Margaux McGrath (COL ’12), Hannah[Read More…]

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MLB Might Be Right to Refuse Replay

Last fall, I wrote an article arguing that the time had come for Major League Baseball to expand its use of video replay to review incorrect calls. I pointed out that umpires had made three painfully obvious incorrect calls during last year’s postseason and that replay easily could have reversed[Read More…]

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Idiosyncratic Traditions Give Beautiful Game Its Flair

When a soccer player goes on to his stage to perform, he has to be ready to put on a show. Knowing that millions of eyes are on him, he has only 90 minutes to impress and put on a great act. So the player needs to do more than[Read More…]

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The Highs and Lows Of the Modern Age

Let me be blunt: I am getting a little sick of technology. No, I am not a neo-Luddite: I do not want to smash all the iPods on campus with my massive microeconomics textbook. I admit that I am quite dependent on modern technology; I am writing this article on[Read More…]

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Fantasy Ball Ruins Reality

I’M STARTING TO ANNOY MYSELF NOW. Like a lot of people, I’m in a fantasy football league. I find myself constantly checking my team, constantly thinking about what trades I can make or what free agent pick-ups I should look into, and constantly talking about it to my roommate, who[Read More…]

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The Jesuit Mission: Guiding and Educating to Pursue the Truth

I LOVE BEING A JESUIT. ONE OF THE greatest joys of Jesuit life is that in joining the project of my life to the project of the Society of Jesus and its mission in service of the Church and the world, I have lived and worked with some truly remarkable[Read More…]

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Attendance Plummets as Nationals’ Promising Season Crumbles

Last April on Georgetown Day, this column happily pointed out that despite the disappointing seasons of the other three major professional sports teams in Washington, the historically abysmal Nationals were not in last place. Yet. Last April on Georgetown Day, the indestructible, unbeatable Stephen Strasburg was breezing through his starts[Read More…]

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