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KIRK ZEISER/THE HOYA| President Iván Duque Márquez of Colombia called for greater support for the diplomatic blockade to put pressure on Nicolás Maduro in his first official state visit to the U.S.

Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez on The Policy Agenda for Latin America

Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez (GRD ’07) called on countries to unify their support for the diplomatic blockade against Nicolás Maduro, whose position as the president of Venezuela has been a subject of international scrutiny, at an event Thursday. The event, titled “The Policy Agenda for Latin America,” was hosted[Read More…]

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A group of energy experts discussed the challenges facing Latin American countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Mexico, in combatting climate change, sustaining economic growth and pushing for sustainable energy Oct.

Latin America Faces Energy Infrastructure Hurdles, Experts Argue

Latin American countries must overcome significant infrastructure problems before transitioning to more sustainable forms of energy, according to a panel of energy experts Oct. 27. Hosted by Georgetown’s Latin American Policy Association, a student group that analyzes Latin American domestic policy, as a part of the Extractive Industries in Latin[Read More…]


Colombian Presidential Pre-Candidate Discusses Peace Accords

Protecting victims, policing illegal assets and building strong local institutions are the next steps Colombia should pursue to accomplish the objectives laid out in the Peace Accords, Liberal Party Senator and Presidential Pre-Candidate Juan Manuel Galán (GRD ’03) said at a conference held Friday in McGhee Library. Galán, who is[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Targeted Strategy Disrupts Peace Process

After four years of negotiations, the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia announced a bilateral ceasefire June 23, theoretically marking the end of the longest armed conflict in the Western Hemisphere by specifying procedures for the FARC to disarm and integrate into political life in Colombia. Dates[Read More…]

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Panelists Discuss Colombia Peace Efforts

At a conference on the ongoing Colombian conflict hosted by the Mortara Center last month, a panel of policy experts discussed a war occurring more than 2,300 miles away — but one speaker brought the issue close to home. “I myself also am a victim,” Camilo Azcarate, the event’s moderator[Read More…]

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MOVIE: ‘Embrace of the Serpent’

★★★★★ It is unsurprising that Colombian director Ciro Guerra’s “Embrace of the Serpent” stormed through last year’s film awards circuit. First drawing acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Art Cinema Award, the film eventually became the first Colombian film to be nominated for Best Foreign Language[Read More…]

Uribe Protesters Return

A crowd of 15 students and activists gathered at the Mortara Center on Wednesday evening to protest a speech by former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velez, rekindling the demonstrations that punctuated his arrival on campus and continued throughout the fall semester. Uribe’s appointment as a Distinguished Scholar in the Practice[Read More…]

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Slams Against Uribe Neglect Citizen Approval

As a born and raised Colombian citizen and a Georgetown alum, it is with great sadness that I read about the continuous disparagement being suffered by former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Vélez on campus. The belittling campaigns against Uribe at Georgetown, led by a handful of romantic and uninformed students[Read More…]

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More Flak For Uribe

Former President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe Velez’s presence on campus continues to incite opposition in the form of student protests, combined with vocal dissent from some members of the Jesuit community. Demonstrations against Uribe’s appointment as a Distinguished Scholar in the Practice of Global Leadership are expected early next month,[Read More…]

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Post-Uribe Security in Colombia Overstated

Sometimes you have to give some to get some. For former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velez, giving some meant weakening civil society in Colombia, pushing aside the rule of law, stomping on individual liberties, killing and displacing innocent civilians and ignoring international laws, norms and standards. What did he get?[Read More…]

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