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SHOHET: Appreciating Holiday Complexities

SHOHET: Appreciating Holiday Complexities

Thanksgiving: What now represents my favorite holiday — a four-day weekend with my family and a time to cook and consume food I love with people I love — has not always been so rosy. Like many holidays, Thanksgiving is complicated, full of warmth for some and anxiety for others.[Read More…]

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Students May Not Be Hooked on Hookup Culture

The start of college is an exhilarating time. Students enter their freshman year expecting to be challenged academically, to establish meaningful friendships and to develop the skills necessary for the “real world.” Despite these serious expectations, there is one facet of college that often seems to occupy a large role[Read More…]

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TESTING TRUISMS: The Best 4 Years of Your Life

TESTING TRUISMS: The Best 4 Years of Your Life

The worst moment at family reunions comes when well-meaning relatives — likely with several drinks under their belts — find you and announce that college is supposed to be the best four years of your life. Nostalgic alumni, high school teachers and overbearing relatives are eager to tell you that[Read More…]

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Director of the Center for Jewish Civilization Jacques Berlinerblau’s most recent book, “Campus Confidential,” advocates a renewed focus on teaching, not research, among professors.

Q&A: Professor Criticizes University Tenure Process

Professors must rededicate themselves to the primary responsibility of the university: teaching. This is the argument of professor Jacques Berlinerblau, director of the Center for Jewish Civilization in the School of Foreign Service. In his most recent book, “Campus Confidential,” Berlinerblau argues that the current structure of higher education and[Read More…]

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Three Undergraduate Schools Welcome New Deans

Three Georgetown University schools are kicking off the academic year with refreshed leadership, as the McDonough School of Business, the Georgetown College and the School of Foreign Service in Qatar welcome new deans. Christopher S. Celenza started as the dean of the College on July 1, leaving his post as[Read More…]

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KARNA: Appreciating Family First

KARNA: Appreciating Family First

They say you cannot choose family, but given the choice, I would choose mine. My family is a bit like a cast of characters. The five of us, plus our two dogs, could be filmed on location in our Dallas home for a classic American sitcom. It would probably do[Read More…]

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From Miles Away,  Learning to Love Home

From Miles Away, Learning to Love Home

I left Hawai‘i because it had never really felt like home to me. I was born and raised in the town of Hilo on the Big Island, and, in the first grade, my parents enrolled me in a private school for Native Hawaiian children. As a 6-year-old, I did not[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Uphold Curricular Diversity

As an academic institution, our community benefits from opportunities to learn from a wide range of academic disciplines. The Georgetown University Student Association is currently circulating a petition calling for the university to launch a disability studies minor. The minor would consist of foundational courses, electives and a capstone, similar[Read More…]

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Cousteau Advocates Legacy Building, Environmental Protection

Cousteau Advocates Legacy Building, Environmental Protection

Environmentalist and explorer Alexandra Cousteau (COL ’98) encouraged graduates to take control of their own legacies, maintain a sense of wonder and preserve the planet in a commencement address to the Georgetown College Class of 2016 in McDonough Arena on Saturday. The graduation was held in McDonough Arena instead of[Read More…]

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College Dean Chester Gillis recently announced he would step down in June 2017. He plans on taking a yearlong sabbatical before returning to Georgetown’s theology department.

Gillis Reflects on Term

From hosting intimate conversations with first-year students over dinner at his home to promoting increased racial awareness through the development of an African American studies major, College Dean Chester Gillis’ commitment to Georgetown and its students has been a constant force on the Hilltop since his arrival almost three decades[Read More…]

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