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Anti-Harassment Act Addresses Cyberbullying

Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) has reintroduced the Tyler Clementi Higher Education Anti-Harassment Act, which would require all colleges and universities that receive federal funds to explicitly recognize cyber-bullying as harassment as well as establish anti-harassment policies. The new legislation would require Georgetown to define cyberbullying in its Code of Student[Read More…]

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The Final Word: 2013-2014

In an eventful year for campus life, students made sure their voices were not lost in the university’s decision-making process. From Georgetown’s changing course of action on navigating the 2010 Campus Plan agreement to its responses to sexual assault and nontraditional gender identities on campus, students reacted dynamically and with[Read More…]

Connect to Steady Progress

As their campaign showed us, incoming GUSA executives Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Omika Jikaria(SFS ’15) have the ambition and the determination to enact positive change at Georgetown in the coming year. Past GUSA administrations have chosen to focus on one or two goals early in their tenure before addressing all of their campaign promises. Thus, in the past, students[Read More…]

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Medical Amnesty Attached to Code

Georgetown officially added the Medical Amnesty and Good Samaritan Policy to the Code of Student Conduct on Feb. 4, which protects anyone in need of medical attention because of the consumption of alcohol or drugs, and their caller. The policy, added as Appendix E because of nuances and specific guidelines,[Read More…]

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Amnesty Proposal Approved

After extensive petitioning from the Georgetown University Student Association, the university has officially added an alcohol amnesty clause in cases of sexual assault to the Code of Student Conduct to reduce barriers to reporting sexual assault on campus. “The Disciplinary Review Committee  recently revised the Student Code of Conduct in[Read More…]

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Student Car Ban Lacks Enforcement

The university’s ban on vehicles for undergraduates, instituted this summer, has been minimally implemented, with administrators relying on the ban itself rather than any methods of enforcement this semester. “The goal here is not to make this a disciplinary issue; the goal is to manage the impact from the number[Read More…]

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After Review, Code of Conduct Tweaked

The rewritten and slightly condensed Code of Student Conduct features streamlined guidelines in an effort to increase transparency in the disciplinary process. The 2013-2014 code, released Thursday night, includes simplified language as well as visual elements to make it easier to navigate and comprehend. At 27 pages, the code is[Read More…]

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Support, Now Sanction Free

A welcome shift came for off-campus student life in early August: the creation of the Office of Neighborhood Life. Before this year, off-campus resources and Code of Student Conduct disciplinary proceedings were both managed by the Office of Off-Campus Life. However, grouping sanctions with resources in one office intimidated students[Read More…]

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GUSA Proposes Disciplinary Reform

The GUSA senate passed a resolution Jan. 20 urging the university to expunge records of Class A violations committed during freshman year for students who do not receive additional citations in the following three semesters. Under current policy, the university expunges students’ disciplinary records of all categories upon their graduation. Class A[Read More…]

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External Review Sparks Dialogue

The university’s external review of conduct policies and practices, which was completed in December, focused on reducing bureaucracy, simplifying the Code of Student Conduct and improving communication among students, faculty and staff. Robert Kelly, vice president for student development at Loyola University Chicago, and Stephen Bryan, associate dean of students[Read More…]

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