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GMS Causes Problems for Clubs

Student clubs have had difficulty accessing and managing their finances due to glitches in the Georgetown Management System since a June update to the cloud-based site. Problems have also stemmed from an increased volume of activity, with 1,174 additional users joining in June alone, according to GMS. These changes have[Read More…]

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Through Campus Groups, Diversity is Celebrated

I have always been used to diversity and difference. In Myanmar, I attended an international school where my classmates were the children of foreign diplomats from all over the world. I attended high school in New York City where the student body was 60 percent Asian and the school atmosphere[Read More…]

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Consulting Conscious, GGMI Looks Globally

The Georgetown Global Microfinance Initiative, founded in December 2013, is working to expand its global reach and its on-campus presence by advising and improving microfinance initiatives that already exist as opposed to creating a standalone nonprofit. Its focus on consulting, rather than lending, separates it from other groups on campus[Read More…]

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Clubs for Grad Students, Too

When Georgetown’s Ultimate’s Catholic Justice Team faces off in tournaments, opponents are likely unaware that among the freshmen stands doctoral candidate Danton Noriega-Goodwin. Noriega-Goodwin, who is pursuing a doctorate in economics, joined the Ultimate team three years ago when he first started his graduate program. “Ultimate is for me an[Read More…]

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Social Life a Must for Clubs

As club recruitment winds down this week, student leaders should take care to expand their focus from attracting new members to retaining those they already have. Most underclassmen looking to get involved on campus are primarily driven to apply to student organizations because of the missions of those clubs. However,[Read More…]

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More Clubs Than Meet the Eye

It is easy for incoming freshmen to be overwhelmed by the hype surrounding a few high-profile student groups and then quickly disheartened by a generic email rejection. The challenge many underclassmen and even upperclassmen face when trying to find their niche on campus stems not only from a battery of[Read More…]

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Venue Fees Out of Place

A small group on campus called THiNK — Truth and Human Rights in North Korea — says it would like to hold events in Copley Formal Lounge. But the price tag for using this prominent space, which on a weekend exceeds $150 for just a few hours, has forced the[Read More…]

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SGU Elects Inaugural Board

The Student Group Union, a collection of over 75 student groups organized to better coordinate such clubs, announced the members of its first Executive Board Thursday. The board is comprised of representatives of the 11 categories of student organizations determined by the union’s Steering Committee. Its inaugural members are Emily Coccia (COL[Read More…]

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DJ Duo Emerges in Georgetown

DJ Duo Emerges in Georgetown

When asked what they look for in a song, their answer was immediate. “The beat,” Adam Fernandez (MSB ’12), also known by his stage name, Dank, said. Ratchet, or Von’Travis (VT) Crawford (NHS ’12) agreed, as if the words were looped over. The two Georgetown seniors, who met freshman year living on the[Read More…]

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Enjoying Western Nightlife with a Chinese Twist

Westernized areas have popped up all over Beijing in recent years. One of the most popular areas isSanlitun, which boasts coffee shops, Western-style restaurants, shopping and one of the five legitimate Apple stores in China. Sanlitun also has a number of bars and clubs. Chances are if you’re a foreigner living[Read More…]

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