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LISBON: Relationships Define GU Experience

LISBON: Relationships Define GU Experience

Many reflections I have heard during my time at Georgetown University have been the same. They focus on moments of intensity, turning points, specific achievements or failures that mark a rare or momentous occasion. It is easy to turn to these consequential moments as a metaphor for an entire experience.[Read More…]

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Funding Cuts Reduce Access for Club Sports Athletes

Funding Cuts Reduce Access for Club Sports Athletes

Multiple Georgetown club sports teams expect obstacles to financial accessibility for students after the Advisory Board for Club Sports saw its funding decreased for the 2019-20 school year. The budget decrease for ABCS, which supervises the overall administration and policies for the 34 club sports on campus, was approved by[Read More…]

FILE PHOTO: ANNE STONECIPHER/THE HOYA |  Requested budget allocations for student activities were cut by $229,040.80 in the Feb. 26 draft.

GUSA Releases Draft Budget; Club Sports and CSJ Face Largest Cuts

The Georgetown University Student Association finance and appropriations committee released its draft budget allocating $1,092,000 in student activities funds Feb. 26. While the overall budget for the 2019-20 school year increased by 2.4 percent from last year, the requested student activities budget totaled more than $1,321,040, forcing cuts. The budgets[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Kehoe, A Key to Our Community

In its heyday in the 1940s, Kehoe Field served as home for a record-winning football team that garnered invitations to the prestigious Orange and Sun Bowls. But now the field — perched on the roof of the Yates Field House since 1979 — languishes unused after decades of neglect, its[Read More…]

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University Idles Regarding Future of Kehoe Field

More than a year after the university closed Kehoe Field over safety concerns, university officials have not decided on a replacement plan, and it remains unclear when a new field will be built. The field was closed entirely in February 2016 after club sports teams and university officials raised concerns[Read More…]

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Student Athletes Form Petition Protesting Kehoe Field Closure

Student athletes frustrated with Kehoe Field’s potential eight-to-15-year closure have created a petition urging the administration to expedite the rehabilitation process. Kehoe Field’s closure has consequently forced club sports, intramural sports and recreational activities onto one field: Cooper Field. The administration decided to close Kehoe Field on Feb. 2 because[Read More…]

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A Losing Game For Recreational Sports

With its jagged edges, deep indents and torn seams, Kehoe Field wears the scars of an overdrawn battle that has finally come to an end after 37 years. On Feb. 2, it was announced that Kehoe Field was unfit for student use, which the athletics department determined for varsity athletes[Read More…]

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Defending Club Athletes

How many times did we hear, “Safety is our number one priority” in high school physical education classes? It may be impossible to count, but if students could glean anything from high school P.E., it’s that there’s no fun in sports when sports aren’t safe. It’s in this spirit that[Read More…]

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Kehoe Field’s conditions create challenges for club sports teams.

Kehoe Field’s Poor Conditions Worry Club Athletes

While the university is set to break ground on the $60 million John R. Thompson Jr. Intercollegiate Athletic Center, which will serve as the new home of Georgetown varsity athletics, the condition of Kehoe Field continues to worsen, drawing ire from members of the club and intramural sports teams that[Read More…]

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Kehoe Field an Obstacle Course of Injury Risks

Kehoe Field an Obstacle Course of Injury Risks

Six years after deeming Kehoe Field unfit for varsity practice, the university is conducting a semester-long study to determine the best way to repair the field, which has deteriorated into a minefield of safety risks. The preliminary survey will not be completed until the spring, and students who regularly play on the[Read More…]

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