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QUALLEN: Slavery’s Remnants, Buried and Overlooked

QUALLEN: Slavery’s Remnants, Buried and Overlooked

Two weeks ago, the roughly 1,580 students comprising the Class of 2019 arrived on campus.  Beginning with New Student Orientation and trailing into the first months of their time on campus, these thousand and a half eager freshmen will begin to learn the geography of our collective home. They will notice,[Read More…]

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Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Charles Deacon said the record-low early action acceptance rate could signify a national increase in attention toward Washington, D.C.

Admission Yield Steady At 47.6%

The university’s undergraduate admissions yield for the Class of 2019 stands at 47.6 percent, an approximate 1.6 percent increase from last year’s rate, as of May 1. Before moving to the wait list, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions received 1,525 acceptances of admissions offers, the exact same number as last[Read More…]

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Admissions Rate Remains Steady at 16.4 Percent

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions accepted 3,202 applicants to the Class of 2019 for an overall acceptance rate of 16.4 percent, a rate that remains steady from the previous year. Decisions for the regular application cycle were mailed out Friday. Georgetown received 19,481 applications to the Class of 2019. While[Read More…]

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Early Applications See Demographic Shift

Early applicants to Georgetown’s Class of 2019 changed demographically along with national trends, while the competitiveness of the applicant pool increased and the breakdown of applications between undergraduate schools stayed stable. Early action applications, which are non-binding, were due Nov. 1. This first round of applications precedes regular decision applications,[Read More…]

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