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Remembering the Civil War

Remembering the Civil War

While the 150th anniversary of General Robert Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Courthouse passed this April with little fanfare, the United States has been repeatedly and brutally reminded that our past still haunts us. The shooting of nine South Carolinian churchgoers by a Confederate – flag-waving fanatic in June and the[Read More…]

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An unidentified group of Civil War soldiers look across the Potomac River to the simple landscape of Georgetown’s campus.

Built by Slaves and Jesuits

Established in 1789, Georgetown University is an institution 226 years in the making. From its more historic buildings like Healy Hall and Old North to its newer additions like the Rafik B. Hariri Building and Regents Hall, the campus flows with longstanding tradition mixed with modern change. In its post-Revolutionary[Read More…]

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Experts Detail Efforts to Save Syrian Children

Medical experts with firsthand experience treating civilians in Syrian refugee camps discussed the Syrian government’s denial of basic relief aid to those trapped in a country that has been engulfed in a bloody civil war for almost three years. The event, hosted by the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Center[Read More…]

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Social Battles in the Civil War

The murmur of voices echoes softly off the marble walls as people gather in the East Garden Court of the National Gallery of Art. Despite the tangles of plants that erupt from every corner of the room and the gurgling fountain in the middle, the audience has instead fixed its[Read More…]

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War on the Potomac

War on the Potomac

“For Georgetown itself, the war had proven to be the most serious threat to its survival as an institution.” So wrote history professor emeritus Fr. R. Emmett Curran, S.J., of the American Civil War in his book, A History of Georgetown. As soon as the fall of Fort Sumter heralded the start[Read More…]

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Event Highlights Veteran Experiences Across Two Centuries

Panelists compared modern veterans to their counterparts from the Civil War at a discussion and film screening sponsored by the Georgetown University Student Veterans Association and the Masters of Science in Foreign Service program Tuesday. The event, titled “Lessons and Legacies: The Civil War and Veterans Today,” began with a[Read More…]

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Massacre Felt 23 Years Later

On a bright Saturday morning, I sat in the Rose Garden above Centro Monseñor Romero at the Jesuit Universidad Centroamericana in El Salvador. I looked at the roses, imagining what took place that dreadful morning of Nov. 16, 1989 in the upper part of the Jesuit residence at UCA and[Read More…]

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