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‘Chicago’ Makes DC Debut at the Keegan Theatre

Clad in silky lingerie and fishnet tights, Velma Kelly, played by Jessica Bennett, opens the show with “Chicago” classic “All That Jazz.” Her smooth alto and sultry dance moves strikingly portray the unapologetic boldness of the iconic character. She exchanges quick kisses and flirtatious twirls with her accompanying male dancers,[Read More…]

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AVANCEÑA: Clinton Panders To Opposing Fans

AVANCEÑA: Clinton Panders To Opposing Fans

When former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks, does America believe her? Recent surveys suggest not. A New York Times/CBS poll conducted in early July showed that 67 percent of voters found Clinton to be neither trustworthy nor honest. Perhaps even more damning, 47 percent of registered voters surveyed by[Read More…]

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The Opposite of Love is Indifference

The Opposite of Love is Indifference

I am from Chicago, or “Chiraq” as some call it, a name coined by media and locals because of a death rate by guns comparable to that of Iraq. Whether this statement is accurate or not, the name signifies a larger truth about the gun violence in Chicago. This past Fourth[Read More…]

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With a long history and big shoes to fill, the National Theatre’s version of “Chicago” provides a hilariously entertaining show.

‘All That Jazz’ and More

If you’ve seen the 2002 film adaptation of the musical “Chicago” — currently playing at the National Theatre downtown — you may think you know what to expect when the curtain rises. But, when you see the orchestra prominently positioned on the stage, and when the first notes of the[Read More…]

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New Releases

‘Suit & Tie’ | Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z 5/5 Stars It was a great couple weeks for comebacks, and none could be better than the return of JT. His first new song in six years features Jay-Z, no less. The song shows off Timberlake’s incredible vocal range, hitting both high[Read More…]

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Chicago Teachers, Leo’s Staff Highlight Union Downsides

In introductory economics courses, we are taught that every decision involves trade-offs. With that in mind, we should be wary of the simple-minded arguments in defense of unions that extend everywhere from the streets of Chicago to O’Donovan Hall. Sketching a basic history of organized labor helps to illuminate the[Read More…]

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Swan Song Anything but Sweet for Seniors

CHICAGO – And just like that, after 32 games, it’s over. But for the Georgetown seniors, it’s really over. Chris Wright, Austin Freeman, Julian Vaughn and Ryan Dougherty enjoyed their final victory as Hoyas on Feb. 19 at South Florida but then went through the final month of their collegiate[Read More…]

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No Shame on Chicago’s Westside

What happens when you put an alcoholic father, six clever children and a desperate lack of money all under the same roof on the west side of Chicago? You get the new American version of the British show, “Shameless.” It’s rough, gritty, hilarious and most importantly, unapologetic. Each family member[Read More…]

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Realities of Snowpocalypse

Hearkening Back to Snow Day Exhilaration of Childhood

Snow days are magical. As a kid growing up in Chicago, I cherished snow days because they were so elusive. There was not lack of snow, but the city was well bolstered against most types of weather attacks. If a snowstorm hit, but the snow stopped falling by the wee[Read More…]

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