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Early Applicants Steady

Georgetown’s number of early admissions applicants for the Class of 2019 remained steady this year, continuing the trend of little to no change in the early applicant pool over the past four years. As of Saturday morning, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions had received 6,624 applications for the Nov. 1[Read More…]

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Grad Schools Advertise for New Faculty

Georgetown University markets to hundreds of thousands of consumers through advertisements placed by Georgetown’s schools in both online and print media outlets, but of the nine schools that comprise the university, only four use these traditional advertising techniques to reach students and build brand recognition, with no schools targeting undergraduate[Read More…]

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Georgetown graduates led LinkedIn’s new university rankings for business-related fields, including investment banking and finance.

MSB Tops LinkedIn Rankings

LinkedIn released its first university rankings of projected career paths for undergraduates last week, with Georgetown topping the list in a variety of business fields. The networking website ranked Georgetown number one for investment banking, number three for finance — following the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University — and[Read More…]

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Common App, Common Sense

Common App, Common Sense

As a new crop of freshmen arrives on the Hilltop next week and scores of overachieving high schoolers begin applying over the next few months, the time is right to reconsider our school’s application process. Ever since my senior year of high school, I’ve been frustrated that Georgetown is not[Read More…]

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Admissions Yield Dips For 2018

Georgetown saw a slight decline in its admissions yield this year, with 46 percent of students accepted to the Class of 2018 enrolling at Georgetown compared to last year’s rate of 47.4 percent. Of the 3,232 students admitted to Georgetown this year, 1,525 chose to enroll and submitted deposits by[Read More…]

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College Enrollment Dips Nationwide

The percentage of students choosing to enroll in college from high school has steadily declined since the end of the recession in 2009, sparking concerns about demographic changes in the national student population. On April 22, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report on college enrollment that found that[Read More…]

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From Heartland to Hilltop

It is no surprise that Georgetown admits and enrolls more students from certain schools than others. In an interview for a news article earlier this month, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Charles Deacon noted how Georgetown has long been a destination for students of the nation’s top preparatory schools and how[Read More…]

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16.6% Admitted to Class of 2018

16.6% Admitted to Class of 2018

Just as the university wrapped up its first GAAP Weekend for students through accepted early action Sunday, 2,277 high school seniors began receiving word of their regular decision admission to the Class of 2018. Out of 19,501 total applicants, 2,277 were accepted through regular decision. The overall admission rate in the[Read More…]

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Feeder Schools Deliver Diversity

By early next week, thousands of high school seniors across the country will have come home from school to frighteningly small envelopes in their mailbox, containing either an acceptance or a rejection from Georgetown, with little distinguishing the two. But many students waiting for a decision will instead listen to[Read More…]

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Addressing Access, SAT Receives Revamp

The College Board announced extensive changes to the SAT on Wednesday that will eschew the mandatory timed essay and esoteric vocabulary to return to a two-section format with a maximum score of 1,600 points — rather than 2,400 — and an optional essay. The changes, which will take effect in[Read More…]

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