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New Year’s Resolutions Inspire Introspection

With students returning to the now snow-laden Hilltop, the new semester presents some freedom to institute change but also the difficulty of follow-through. Though New Year’s Eve was only two weeks ago, some may have already broken one, if not all, of their New Year’s resolutions. Though resolutions present an[Read More…]

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SOPHIA NUNN for THE HOYA Anne Burke, a justice on the Supreme Court of Illinois, said that civil authorities should have oversignt to ensure a cultural change occurs in the church in order to curb clerical abuse within the Catholic Church, at a Dahlgren Dialogue on Oct. 24.

Panelists Seek Change in Church Culture

Empowering lay members and changing church culture are necessary for the Catholic Church to address sexual abuse, panelists agreed at a discussion held in the Dahlgren Chapel on Wednesday. The panelists examined the best path forward for the Catholic Church in light of the sexual abuse allegations that have surfaced[Read More…]

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CARNES: When Things Come Up

CARNES: When Things Come Up

Many of us have received that phone call, or that text or email: the one that comes unexpectedly and bears news that we did not want to hear. The illness, or even the death, of a loved one. The loss of a job by a parent or sibling, or concerns[Read More…]

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DESAI: Promise in Pragmatism

An interesting quality about Georgetown students that I have noticed is our general tendency to favor normative reasoning over positive reasoning. The former centers on subjective, value-based judgments whereas the latter relies on objective facts. Essentially, the difference is whether one can prove or disprove the claims one makes. For[Read More…]

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Reflect, Rename, Reform

In the wake of successful student protests at the University of Missouri, similar calls to action against institutional racism in higher education have spread like wildfire at campuses across the country. While some student protests have attracted negative press and invited contentious discussion on issues of race and free speech,[Read More…]

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Embody Engelhard

The Engelhard Project, a Georgetown program that incorporates health and wellness issues into the classroom, celebrated its 10th anniversary this month. The project encourages in-class project-based academic explorations into the issue of student wellness, which has proven extremely relevant to Georgetown’s stress-laden environment. More professors should incorporate the Engelhard curriculum[Read More…]

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Access the Community

Georgetown’s first Disability Studies Course Cluster is well under way thanks to collaboration between the university’s English department and Disability Studies Working Group. This exciting development undeniably advances Georgetown’s Jesuit values while addressing the lack of disability engagement on campus. In the absence of a disability cultural center, offering increased[Read More…]

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SHRINATH: Paris, Where Spray Paint Spells Change

SHRINATH: Paris, Where Spray Paint Spells Change

I noticed the graffiti before anything else. As the Eurostar entered Paris, I was expecting a city of delicate architecture and scenic views, so seeing the spray paint against austere, industrial buildings was jarring. Travelling on the metro the next couple of days emphasized the prevalence of this trend: every[Read More…]

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Forging a Safer Future Through Gun Control

On Tuesday, Andy Ward and Alison Parker were buried. We failed them. In the past few days, we have been left to make sense of their execution, which was broadcast on live television to an unsuspecting local Roanoke, Va. television news audience during an early-morning report. In the five days[Read More…]

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The Day We Became Five

The Day We Became Five

Our family used to have a dog. Sometimes, I almost forget what he looked like, what he sounded like, or even what he smelled like. It has been five years since a change of jobs and an impending move to the city made us realize that we, as much we[Read More…]

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