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In Transition, But Incomplete

On her first day of classes at Georgetown in 2012, one of Celeste Chisholm’s (COL ’15) professors called her “Jonathan.” Chisholm corrected the professor, explaining that she prefers to be called Celeste. She assumed that after the exchange, her situation was obvious and her classmates understood that she is a[Read More…]

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CHISHOLM: Eating Our Future Without Innovation

CHISHOLM: Eating Our Future Without Innovation

Agronomics has grown on me. Cultivating this science of soil management and the production of field crops into a sustainable and matured art is often an unrecognized necessity. Conservation of land and water is a component of humanity’s grand schema, but as of now, there is not an existential threat[Read More…]

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CHISHOLM: Celebrate Our Robotic Future

CHISHOLM: Celebrate Our Robotic Future

In Japan, the robotics market continues to expand with rapidity to the surprise, delight and chagrin of onlookers throughout the world. Although our imaginations may have oriented us toward a distant vision of a chrome-gilded future replete with anthropomorphic androids seeking to imitate and perhaps replace us, the reality of[Read More…]

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Finding the Place for FOMO at Georgetown

College life is different for everyone, but one aspect is common for most: four years of adjusting to a new environment. But for a plurality of us, the difficult process of forging new relationships, reacquainting ourselves to our new setting and understanding where we fit in the bigger picture is[Read More…]

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Learning to Love the Cultural Void

Learning to Love the Cultural Void

What does it mean to integrate? In Japanese, I often encounter the word tokekomu — to melt into something, to become a part of it as it becomes you. The metaphor seems to imply a mutual concession, and yet as I grow in my knowledge of culture and custom, I[Read More…]

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Cultural Revelations at the Arcade

I suppose one could say that I’ve been up in the air for a long time. The pressure up there is different, and so whenever I touch back down to Earth, like clockwork, my ears pop. Before too long I always acclimate, and life becomes normal again, living under a[Read More…]

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Lexi Dever (COL ’16), center, takes part in Coming Out Day in Red Square Oct. 11.

Transgender Students Enter Campus Spotlight

Last year’s Year in Review highlighted the progression of LGBTQ student groups on campus, as well as LGBTQ rights nationally, as evidenced by the legalization of gay marriage in states across the country. This year, one part of that acronym that had been overlooked in the past emerged as a[Read More…]

Trans* Students Share Their Stories

Trans* Students Share Their Stories

It’s Friday afternoon, and Lexi Dever (COL ’16) is hurrying to get ready for the evening. She’d received a new skirt in the mail and is eager for an excuse to wear it. Her eyeliner is missing, again, and she doesn’t have a ponytail holder to tie up her Teagan and Sara T-shirt. She gets makeup advice[Read More…]

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GU Pride Adds Trans* Representative

GU Pride’s board will now include a representative for trans* students, a position formerly absent from the group. The group voted unanimously to establish the position Tuesday. The newly elected board member, Celeste Chisholm (COL ’15), is an out transgender woman. “Being the first student at Georgetown is interesting for[Read More…]

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