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The CDC granted $2 million to a multi-disciplinary team of Georgetown researchers to develop new HIV surveillance techniques.

CDC Grants $2 Million for HIV Research

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded a $2 million grant to Georgetown researchers to continue HIV surveillance and to develop a secure data-sharing tool for public health agencies across the country. The grant, which will provide funding for five years, will help researchers further develop the[Read More…]

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Researchers Publish New Findings on Alzheimer’s

Georgetown researchers published a study questioning the prevalent theory of Alzheimer’s development in the journal Molecular Neurodegeneration on Oct. 31. The research, led by investigators at the Georgetown Medical Center, explored neuron death in degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, and found that plaque was not the cause of such[Read More…]

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Klain Appointed Ebola Czar

President Barack Obama appointed Georgetown University adjunct professor Ron Klain (CAS ’83) to head the United States’ response to the Ebola outbreak Friday, affecting his role on campus this semester. “When the president called, giving up this class was one of the top things on my mind,” Klain said to[Read More…]

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As US HIV Rates Steady, DC Stays on Top of List

Data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this month revealed that 1.1 million people in the United States are currently living with HIV, with the number of new infections remaining steady at approximately 50,000 infections per year since the mid-1990s. D.C. still suffers from the highest HIV/AIDS[Read More…]

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The Student Health Center remained open until 2 a.m. early Friday to provide antibiotics to students after the university’s announcement.

Bacterial Meningitis Confirmed

The case of meningitis that led to the death of Andrea Jaime (NHS ’17) on Tuesday was bacterial, Assistant Vice President for Student Health Services Jim Welsh confirmed in a meeting with Jaime’s Copley 5 floormates on Thursday night, followed by a university-wide email alerting the Georgetown community of the diagnosis.[Read More…]

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Sirleaf addresses the media in London in Nov. 2012.

Ebola Crisis Postpones Africa Business Forum

The Ebola crisis in western Africa has prompted the postponement of “The Future of Development and Business in Africa,” an Aug. 4 forum that was to feature Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The event, sponsored by the university and The Coca-Cola Company, has yet to be rescheduled. The forum’s focus[Read More…]

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Student Diagnosed With Mumps

An undergraduate student at Georgetown was recently diagnosed with mumps, Assistant Vice President for Student Health Services James C. Welsh announced to the campus community Tuesday. According to Welsh, this is currently the only confirmed or suspected case at the university, although mumps has been confirmed or suspected at other[Read More…]

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