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CHARCAS: Reclaiming Autonomy in Faith Formation

CHARCAS: Reclaiming Autonomy in Faith Formation

My identity as a woman of faith was once determined by the men in my life. My uncles, my grandpa — even my own father. These men had tattoos of the Virgin Mary on their chests, wore chains engrained with crosses and never missed Sunday Mass. But these men also[Read More…]

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METZGER: Why the Catholic Church Needs Feminism

METZGER: Why the Catholic Church Needs Feminism

Studying Christian theology has given me both hope and disappointment concerning the treatment of women in the Catholic Church. I have been inspired and moved by the mystical writing of medieval women, yet at times frustrated when my class on early Christianity relied entirely on the writings of men. Many[Read More…]

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NGUYEN: In Choir, A Chance to Find God’s Voice

NGUYEN: In Choir, A Chance to Find God’s Voice

Before coming to college, my faith felt like an obligation. I come from a long line of Catholics who taught me belief in God was a necessity — and anything short of complete faith would guarantee damnation. I associated Mass with loss of my free will and wondered how many countless[Read More…]

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GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY | The honorary degree held by former Washington, D.C. Archbishop and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was revoked by Georgetown on Tuesday after Pope Francis removed McCarrick from the priesthood for sexual abuse Saturday. Georgetown has never previously rescinded an honorary degree, according to University President John J. DeGioia.

University Considering Action Against Cardinal McCarrick

Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia criticized Catholic leadership for its complicity in recently surfaced sexual assault scandals in an email on Tuesday. DeGioia’s email addressed a report published by a Pennsylvania grand jury in August that identified over 300 Catholic priests in Pennsylvania who sexually abused more than 1,000[Read More…]

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HOWELL: Keep H*yas for Choice Unrecognized

Georgetown University prides itself on facilitating dialogue among a variety of passionately held and often contradictory views, a truth confirmed by a stroll through Red Square. In line with this spirit of pluralism, some believe the university should recognize H*yas for Choice on the grounds of free speech. On the[Read More…]

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SEGELSTEIN: Our Essential Suffering

SEGELSTEIN: Our Essential Suffering

The first day of Lent is perhaps the busiest day of the year for Dahlgren Chapel. Far more Hoyas come to Mass on Ash Wednesday than attend weekly Sunday service, even though only the latter is morally obligated by the Catholic Church. There are two ways to view this discrepancy.[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Heeding Moral Imperatives

The Georgetown University Faculty Senate, a governing body of 75 full-time faculty members who advise President John DeGioia, approved a resolution last week condemning President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, promising to support and protect all university faculty, staff and students who stand to be harmed by the travel[Read More…]

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ROSNER: Heeding the Call of Compassion

On Sept. 6, 2015, Pope Francis declared, “I make an appeal. … May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every shrine welcome one [refugee] family, beginning with my diocese of Rome. … The Gospel calls us to be ‘neighbors’ with the abandoned, and to give them concrete hope.” Soon[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Redefine Our Catholic Identity

Before his death last month at 89 years old, author William Peter Blatty (CAS ’50) cemented a legacy at Georgetown as the writer of the 1971 horror novel “The Exorcist” and its Academy Award-winning film adaptation, which featured the university and surrounding neighborhood as the film’s backdrop. However, for all[Read More…]

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