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Catholic leaders discussed Catholic social thought in Gaston Hall on Thursday.

Catholic Leaders Address Divisions in the Church

A panel of leaders of Catholic publications spoke about divisions within the Catholic Church and Pope Francis’ ideas for unification of the church in an event sponsored by the Initiative on Catholic and Social Thought in Gaston Hall on Thursday evening. The panel, moderated by Director of the Initiative on[Read More…]

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Abortion Deprives Children of Their Speech

To The Editor: Re: “Moral Neutrality’s Threat to Free Speech,” The Hoya, Sept. 30, A3 The recent issue of free speech for H*yas for Choice is not an anomalous occurrence. From the Student Activities Fair to guest speaker events, I have read about this group constantly in a fight for[Read More…]

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A Truly Catholic Conference

With the Jesuit LGBTQ conference Ignatian Q headed to Georgetown this March, the university has solidified its role as a facilitator of dialogue regarding the intersection of LGBTQ and religious identities. Movements that seek to effect change are often confronted with opposition — for many years, the Georgetown establishment was[Read More…]

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The Mass That Showed Me the Way

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” The first time I entered Lauinger Library, I had no idea that this Latin phrase, Cognoscetis veritatem et veritas liberavit, loomed overhead. Ever-present, these words remind us of one of higher education’s greatest purposes: to help eager young[Read More…]

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Continuing the Courtyard

Georgetown often touts its commitment to its Catholic and Jesuit identity through rhetoric relating to everything from Alternative Spring Break to philosophy courses. The university displayed its commitment to its roots in a more tangible sense, however, by becoming the first location in the United States to host the Courtyard[Read More…]

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Coalescing for Reform

This past Saturday, Hoyas for Immigrant Rights participated in a march from the front gates of the Hilltop to the front gates of the White House in opposition to current immigration policies that have forced the deportation of over two million individuals from the United States. Hoyas for Immigrant Rights[Read More…]

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Pro-Life Movement Honors Church

In many ways, Haylie Jacobson’s viewpoint “Pro-Choice Broader than Abortion Issue” (THE HOYA, A3, Feb. 5, 2013) offers a refreshingly honest self-critique of the pro-choice movement. It echoes Time Magazine’s recent assertion that the pro-choice movement has been losing since Roe v. Wade. But Ms. Jacobson’s analysis and discussion of[Read More…]

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Welcoming LGBTQ Students to Ministry

Georgetown takes pride in welcoming students from different backgrounds onto its campus each year. We offer concern for all of our students and promise a small “C” catholic understanding of how to live. As a top-tier Catholic institution, Georgetown captures an inclusive vision for Catholic spirituality. Georgetown has long been[Read More…]

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DIRAGO: Exclusion Has No Place in Service

DIRAGO: Exclusion Has No Place in Service

Two recent opinion pieces in The Hoya, “Return to Christianity as the Root of Charity” (A3, Oct. 21, 2013) and “Bridging Divides in Service” (A2, Oct. 29, 2013), addressed divisions between student organizations that pursue social justice, particularly groups within the Center for Social Justice and traditional Catholic organizations. While[Read More…]

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In Catholic Thought, Solidarity Before Birth

Students wonder which readings from the professor’s list are really necessary, shoppers are unsure just which items to bring back from the grocery store and worshippers question which commandments from God’s list they really have to observe. This common experience unfortunately also applies when we are sorting out our moral[Read More…]

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