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Heard on the Hilltop

“Well, it seems like Enushe and Chris are a lot like Hillary Clinton — they’re probably the best for the job, but no one really feels very inspired by them. They seem to have every single issue as a ‘focus,’ while not actually providing much in the way of creative[Read More…]

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Why We’re Not Running

A couple of opinion pieces have been published in The Hoya questioning why there are not more candidates in the executive race for the Georgetown University Student Association. Potential candidates take a long time contemplating a run for the executive. They question what they bring to the race, what policy[Read More…]

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GUSA Runs Dry

As the rowdy presidential field shrinks, Georgetown students are turning their attention to a new — and decidedly quieter — contest: the 2016-2017 Georgetown University Student Association executive race. At this point last year, five tickets for GUSA president and vicepresident had formed, heralding one of the tightest and most[Read More…]

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NGUYEN: Mind the Trump Bump

NGUYEN: Mind the Trump Bump

Ever since the fateful day when Donald Trump took the lead in the Republican presidential polls, it has seemed as though every major news network cannot go a day without feigning bewilderment at that fact. I say “feigning” because the media are largely responsible for Trump’s polling success, more so[Read More…]

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Not Going Easy On Hillary

Not Going Easy On Hillary

On Tuesday, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton participated in her first national TV interview since announcing her candidacy three months ago. As promised, this interview covered a vast number of issues, ranging from emails sent during Clinton’s time as secretary of state to Clinton’s opponent for the Democratic nomination, Vermont Senator[Read More…]

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Lewis Talks Education at Law Center

Lewis Talks Education at Law Center

Mayoral candidate Reta Jo Lewis emphasized the need for education and employment improvement during a speech at the Georgetown University Law Center on Tuesday. “Job creation, and I mean good-paying jobs for working class families, has to be our primary focus,” she said in the speech, meant to reach out to younger[Read More…]

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New Candidates Must Build on Past GUSA Successes

In just under two weeks, Georgetown students have a remarkable opportunity to completely remake student life at Georgetown. After this year’s passage of Student Activities Fee and Endowment reform and last year’s club funding reform, the outgoing President Calen Angert and Vice President Jason Kluger administration has overseen the largest[Read More…]

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Bucking the Trend: 3 GOP Candidates Don’t Fit Mold

This is a story of three men. Three Republicans. Three future governors. From the Midwest to the Mountain West to Dixie, these pragmatists buck the talking heads’ assertion that the GOP has been hijacked by ultra-right tea partiers. Their success in primaries in three very different states is a testament[Read More…]

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