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Campus Spotlight // Gastronomes

You might be wondering, what exactly are Gastronomes? Our name is derived from the word “gastronomy,” the study of food and cooking. So if you’re sick of Leo’s and want something refreshingly exotic to eat, stop by one of our meetings. We welcome everyone, from master chefs to those who would[Read More…]

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Campus Spotlight // 3.18.11

In spring 2008, a few guys got together to sing and decided that Georgetown needed a new a cappella group, one that would rock out, break a few moves here and there and have a ton of fun doing it. Fewer than two years later, the Capitol G’s were officially[Read More…]

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Campus Spotlight: WiP

Campus Spotlight: WiP

Georgetown Women in Politics is an organization dedicated to the encouragement, promotion and support of women in leadership positions, both on campus and after graduation. Founded in 2001, WiP organizes events such as panels, lectures, dinners and more to connect students with career women in fields including law, medicine and[Read More…]

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Campus Spotlight: Lecture Fund

The Georgetown University Lecture Fund exists to provide a forum for the free exchange of speech and expression. We are a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting dialogue and to bringing the Georgetown community together in an atmosphere of discussion to better contemplate contemporary social, political and cultural issues. Lecture Fund events cover[Read More…]

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Campus Spotlight: The Big Hunt

The Big Hunt is a daylong adventure that you’ll remember forever and an experience a first-year Hoya must not miss. The Big Hunt combines the fun of a night out with your friends with the urgency of The Amazing Race. Freshmen and transfer students compete in teams of four to[Read More…]

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Campus Spotlight: New Student Orientation

During New Student Orientation, you might have found yourself caught in a mass of new students and NSO staff members chanting, “Show us how you NSO! Show us how you NSO!” They are asking to see your best dance moves, but how I “NSO” is only partly about sweet grooves. During NSO,[Read More…]

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Campus Spotlight // 3.25.11

March 21 was the first day of spring. Unlike the Gregorian calendar we use in the U.S., many nations have their calendar organized around natural solar events, like seasons. The Iranian calendar is one such example. The first day of the year is the first day of spring; the year[Read More…]

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Campus Spotlight // 2.25.11

Being in a rock band is an unbelievable experience — particularly in one that has so many members and such a diversity of musical genres as this year’s Georgetown Cabaret 2011. We spend six weeks prepping for one huge show, practicing 10 hours each weekend with all nine of our[Read More…]

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Campus Spotlight // 2.18.11

Campus Spotlight // 2.18.11

The story of the Carroll Round begins with three Georgetown students who felt that undergraduate students interested in economics lacked opportunities to engage with each other in a serious research environment. They proposed the creation of a “round” that would bring students together with members of the broader academic and[Read More…]

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Campus Spotlight // 2.11.11

Campus Spotlight // 2.11.11

The Hoyas Global Initiative began as a promise. Several Georgetown students, now alumni, made a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative to start a club on campus that followed CGI’s model — that even small actions from individuals can have a large impact. Today, Hoyas Global Initiative continues to organize[Read More…]

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