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EDITORIAL: Reassess Dining Changes

There is a truck in the middle of O’Donovan Hall. The stray Volkswagen vehicle that sits outside Sazón, the “Latin-inspired” concept on the upper level of the hall, is just one of many marks of the ineffective Leo’s redesign. The renovated Leo’s has not only lost its familiar aesthetic but[Read More…]

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BAKE MY DAY: Going Vegan For Dummies

BAKE MY DAY: Going Vegan For Dummies

My spring fast this year was spiritual. People usually expect fasting to reflect a believer’s intention to inch closer to the beyond, God, in accordance to what many, including professor Ori Soltes, would call the “divine sacer.” I have a life philosophy that revolves somewhat around this understanding: People need[Read More…]

Epicurean and Company will add a new noodle bar feature to its location on Georgetown’s campus.
Renovations for the dining area will be completed in October, offering students new on-campus fare.

Epicurean Adds Noodle Station

After three months of renovations, Epicurean and Company will open a made-to-order noodle bar this October, offering students a variety of meat, vegetable and noodle dishes. The noodle bar will be set beside the sushi bar, replacing the hibachi grills that Epicurean once maintained. Beginning two years ago, Epicurean offered[Read More…]

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Students will have increased dining options this year, including the ability to use mobile ordering service Tapingo to purchase meals at Hoya Court, Bulldog Tavern, Starbucks, Cosi and Einstein Bros. Bagels in the Car Barn, meal swipes in Hoya Court and Cosi and expanded menus at O’Donovan Hall.

University, GUSA Expand Student Dining Options

Students with meal plans will have new dining options this year, including a meal exchange and mobile ordering program with restaurants in Hoya Court and Cosi, expanded menus and takeaway options at O’Donovan Hall and opportunities to purchase additional tax-free Flex Dollars, according to a campuswide email sent by Associate[Read More…]

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‘Flex-ible’ Dining Plan

Dining hall plans compose a significant portion of the costs of living here at Georgetown. On top of that, they can also affect students’ physical health if the dining options are too unhealthy. These concerns were voiced by students at the Georgetown University Student Association senate Town Hall on Dining[Read More…]

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Gluten-Free-Friendly a Misnomer

Gluten-Free-Friendly a Misnomer

In May, Udi’s, a gluten-free food company, named Georgetown the second-most gluten-free accommodating college Campus. Many students, however, are skeptical of this title, despite November’s designation as Gluten-Free Awareness Month. Joe Lanzilla (SFS ’16), a celiac who is also dairy- and egg-free, said that he has repeatedly gotten sick after[Read More…]

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1,000 Followers, Zero Stars

1,000 Followers, Zero Stars

Although thousands of students have spent thousands of dollars on meal plans for Leo O’Donovan Hall, the Georgetown dining service has taken to charging patrons of the beleaguered dining hall a new currency: Facebook “likes.” Last week, the Georgetown Dining Facebook page’s fan count climbed to 1,000. As a reward for reaching[Read More…]

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Corp Revenue Rises, Profits Dip

In the year of its 40th anniversary, Students of Georgetown, Inc. announced a record revenue of $5,077,956.24 in its annual report released Feb. 18, marking the first time the company’s revenue has surpassed $5 million. But while the company’s operating income increased from approximately $77,000 in 2011 to more than $91,000 in[Read More…]

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Faulty ’n’ Frustrating

It’s not just the Hoya wraps at Grab ’n’ Go that are leaving students with a bad taste in their mouths. Georgetown University Dining Services has proudly advertised improvements to O’Donovan Hall over the past semester through its “We Hear You” campaign, but it remains remarkably deaf toward student complaints[Read More…]

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Workers’ Union Ratifies Contract with Aramark

Georgetown University Dining Services workers ratified a three-year contract with their employer Aramark Higher Education Thursday, exactly eleven months after their union was certified. Workers from O’Donovan Hall, the Jesuit Residence, Cosi, Starbucks and the Preclinical Building’s Dr. Mug organized under the umbrella of UNITE HERE, which represents members of[Read More…]

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