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Cafe Diem: How Coffee Shops Are Seizing the District

Rushed Metro riders can be seen tightly gripping thermoses as they ride the morning rails. Young professionals keep a row of eclectic mugs perched on their desks — just in case. Students carry their iced or hot beverages to and from their morning, afternoon and evening classes. Lately, it seems[Read More…]

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Jake DeCicco inspects a bottle of Sunniva Caffe at the company’s production facility in Elkridge, Md. On Monday the product will officially launch in 11 regional Whole Foods stores.

Sunniva Caffe Debuts in Whole Foods

Wide receiver Jake DeCicco (MSB ’16) wasted no time as he left football practice on the morning of Aug. 28. As most players headed for the showers and then lunch, DeCicco darted with a teammate to his car. A football team meeting was beginning in three hours, but DeCicco could[Read More…]

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What’s Your Caffeinated Code?

What does your coffee order say about you? Large Coffee You frequently stay up past midnight, huddled over your laptop reading blurry PDFs and trying to understand just what you’re supposed to be getting out of them. You need this coffee, or you’ll become openly belligerent toward most of the[Read More…]

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4 Loko Frenzy Hits Campus

Local liquor stores report significant increases in sales of the popular alcoholic beverage Four Loko, and most students praise the product, which is known for its potentially dangerous combination of alcohol and caffeine. Four Loko comes in a 23-ounce can that contains the equivalent of a cup of coffee and[Read More…]

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