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Amendolia: Technology’s Volatility Casts Doubt on Its Prominent Role

I am far from being financially savvy, but if there are two things I’ve learned from my Fundamentals of Finance class, they are 1) always think about what can go wrong and 2) always listen to Warren Buffett. So when Warren Buffett says that technology companies are overpriced and we[Read More…]

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Amendolia: What Lies Ahead for Digital Literature?

“I changed the music industry for better and for always,” Aaron Sorkin’s Sean Parker says in “The Social Network.” I remember when Napster came out. I had just gotten my first CD for my 10th birthday, and was more than happy to play my prized “Baby One More Time” album[Read More…]

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Amendolia: Warming Up to the iPad

I was skeptical when I first heard about Apple releasing a tablet device — excited, but skeptical. I thought the name “iPad” was pretty lame and I, like many, assumed the device would serve as a giant iPhone that couldn’t make calls. I didn’t save up for months nor line[Read More…]

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Amendolia: Internet Communications Prove Resilient in Egypt

Last Sunday, the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards took a big step in integrating social media into television. I was intrigued by their ability to incite a nationwide conversation about the awards show on Twitter; they even aired a commercial telling Twitter users to use the #SAGawards hashtag, a way to[Read More…]

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