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It’s Good To Be Busy

Many have railed against the perceived detriments of Georgetown’s overly busy, extracurricular-oriented culture. These arguments condense into a few points. First, extracurriculars force students to spread themselves thin not only over classes, jobs, exercise and social life, but also clubs, which are integral to the Georgetown experience. Second, in pursuing[Read More…]

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Struggling to Take a Break

As we sat in our cubicles in Lau during finals, flipping through the readings we never read over the semester, we may have regretted the time wasted scrolling down Facebook and wished we had been more productive. We may have wished we had gone to every lecture, met with our[Read More…]

DIRAGO: The Danger of Keeping Too Busy

DIRAGO: The Danger of Keeping Too Busy

Whenever I find myself in a professor’s office hours or chatting with adults, they usually ask something along the lines of, “How’s your semester?” I’ve found that one of the first things out of my mouth is typically, “busy,” or, “busy, but better busy than bored, I guess.” Either way,[Read More…]

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Problems You’re Too Busy to Talk About

Problems You’re Too Busy to Talk About

At the guide, our staff is known for having strong opinions about pretty much everything. We’re taking stands on the pop culture issues that really matter, from tween stars to the movies that make us smile, from catchy pop songs to the stories that are dominating the Internet. here are few[Read More…]

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