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Reassessing the Problem of Public Education

Public education is becoming more and more standardized. While the benefits and drawbacks may be debatable, the fact that it indirectly disfavors students in poor, often urban school districts is not. Last year was the first time that more than half of Washington, D.C.’s charter school students scored proficient or[Read More…]

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After Budget Slashed, Alumni Lounge Hours Cut

In response to budget cuts, the Office of Residential Living reduced the Alumni Lounge hours to three nights per week at the beginning of November. During the spring semester, the lounge will only be open for reservations. Student employees will be dismissed at the end of the fall. “The decision[Read More…]

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UIS Streamlines With Budget Cuts

UIS Streamlines With Budget Cuts

Amid tight budget cuts, University Information Services has adopted a series of changes to simultaneously modernize and cut costs for Georgetown’s wireless network. “With the constrained budgets that all of us are operating under, we had to find and drive efficiencies in how we were doing the business of IT,”[Read More…]

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Political Science Funding Slashed

The National Science Foundation will limit grants for political science research to those dealing with national security and economic policy, a move that has some faculty and administration at Georgetown concerned. President Obama signed a bill containing the amendment, which was added by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), on March 26[Read More…]

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Campus Braces for Sequester

Without successful negotiations between President Obama and Congress today to prevent sequestration, spending cuts intended to save the government $85 billion will begin automatically as a result of the “fiscal cliff” deal reached in January. Congress failed to find a solution Thursday, and today’s meeting is not expected to produce[Read More…]

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McCaskill Gives Congressional Insight

Democratic rising star Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) spoke with about 80 students in Riggs Library on Monday night. McCaskill, who is widely regarded by some political pundits to have presidential potential, addressed the crowd in an hour-long session, fielding audience questions for most of the visit. The event was co-hosted[Read More…]

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MPD Program’s Budget Cut

Bars and clubs around the District may see a significant decrease in police security over the coming months, as a Metropolitan Police Department program subsidizing the cost of privately hired officers faces heavy cuts. MPD’s budget was cut by nearly $8 million for 2011 as a part of a series[Read More…]

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D.C. Officials Propose Solutions to Budget Deficit

Mayor Adrian Fenty and his successor Vincent Gray have set out to reverse the $18 million deficit the D.C. government has accumulated. Both have stressed the need to avoid tax hikes. The revised budget Fenty released on Nov. 23 did not include tax increases for Washington, D.C. residents, and instead[Read More…]

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SAC Slashes Budgets For All Groups

Another tight budget for the Student Activities Commission forced the organization to approve 72.5 percent of the $122,755 student organizations requested during the first run of its new bulk allocation system. SAC currently has $5,578 to allocate for the rest of the semester. Anything left over will roll over into[Read More…]

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SFS Certificate Coordinator Resigns

In response to what some view as the systematic weakening of the School of Foreign Service’s International Development certificate over the past year, Zara Khan (SFS ’07) is resigning from her role as program coordinator. Khan said in an email to students pursuing the certificate, that although she was promised[Read More…]

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