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Abunai Food

Eclectic Food Culture Entices Diners Across the District

Food served out of a truck. Bottomless mimosas before noon. Innovative ethnic cuisine. Kitchens bursting with creativity. These scenarios describe not a culinary utopia but rather the food scene of our nation’s capital. Outside the front gates, extraordinary and student-friendly meals await. With distinct food around every corner in each[Read More…]

ESTES: Building a Better City

ESTES: Building a Better City

Washington, D.C., has been my home for more than just my time at Georgetown. I moved here when I was 12, after my dad was transferred to the Pentagon, and I have loved this city ever since. Having lived here for a few more years than most, I feel that[Read More…]

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A Semester Abroad, but Still in the Bubble

When people talk about the “Georgetown bubble,” I doubt they’re referring to the traditional Irish pubs or monuments mentioned in the works of James Joyce. But so far in my semester abroad here in Dublin, I’ve found that the bubble has somehow stretched across the Atlantic. While I’ve been studying[Read More…]

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DIRAGO: Engaging DC Beyond the Bubble

DIRAGO: Engaging DC Beyond the Bubble

We all know about the “Georgetown bubble,” that invisible border in Northwest Washington, D.C., that keeps many students comfortably cloistered on campus. A lot of lip service is paid on campus to the notion of “breaking the bubble.” While it’s good that this phrase is common — that, at the[Read More…]

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Opening the Front Gates

D.C. has the potential to be a great college town — but for that to happen, Georgetown can’t isolate itself as a city on a hill. In order to reap the benefits of our proximity to other universities, students should do more to take advantage of the resources offered by[Read More…]

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Contest Winners Reimagine the Hilltop

Two pairs of Georgetown students will be given the chance to enhance life on the Hilltop this year, winning $3,000 each for the concepts they proposed to Reimagine Georgetown. The Reimagine Georgetown grants, which range from $500 to $10,000, are awarded annually to students, faculty and staff members who present[Read More…]

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