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LEVY: Predatory Politics Plague Brazil

LEVY: Predatory Politics Plague Brazil

In the jungle, the jaguar reigns supreme. With its supremely powerful hind legs and crushing jaw, the jaguar is a dominating apex predator. The casualties left behind after a jaguar’s hunt are the unfortunate consequences of an order that promotes a primitive doctrine: Might is right. Amid the chaos of[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Bridging Governmental Gaps

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s last speech as president of Brazil on Dec. 29, 2010, was marked by tears of sadness from his supporters. Da Silva was seen off by throngs of supporters in his home state of Pernambuco, inspired by the optimism he had instilled in Brazil’s working class.[Read More…]

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CRAIGE: Olympic Soccer Tournament Preview

CRAIGE: Olympic Soccer Tournament Preview

In just three days, one of the world’s greatest sporting events is set to get underway. The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics has already been shrouded in controversy, from the inadequacies of the Olympic village to the hazardous waste floating in Guanabara Bay to the Zika virus that has caused[Read More…]

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SCATTERGOOD: The Summer Olympics Need to Be Relocated Out of Rio

One of my fondest freshman-year memories to date was in February 2014, when Alice Kerr invited our orientation group to come to her house and watch the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. We munched on chips and salsa and marveled at how the U.S. National Team[Read More…]

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After Brazilian Elections, Expect More of the Same

As I sat and listened to the live broadcast during last Sunday’s Brazilian election results, one common theme seemed to make sense of what I and millions of Brazilian voters were thinking: Today, Brazil has lost. For those of us who voted for Aécio Neves, his loss of the presidential[Read More…]

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A samba class performs in Rio de Janeiro.

The Power of Dance in Brazil

There’s an expression here in Brazil: “Tudo acaba em samba.” Translated literally, the phrase means “Everything ends in samba.” That is to say, no matter what disagreements, differences or tensions may exist between two people, at the end of the day, they unwind the same way — dancing it out[Read More…]

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Rio de Janeiro

In the Pursuit of Words in Rio

Cafune. I learned this word in a translation class when I was 17. That day’s lesson was on idioms and phrases that have no exact English equivalents. We learned age-otori, the Japanese way of saying that someone got a haircut that made them look worse than they did before. We[Read More…]

Brazilian Finances on Tap

Former Finance Minister, President of the Central Bank and International Monetary Fund Representative of Brazil Pedro Malan spoke about Brazil’s economic challenges in the Fisher Colloquium on Wednesday. The Brazilian Club, the Stanton Distinguished Leaders Series at the McDonough School of Business, the Lecture Fund and the Latin American Board[Read More…]

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Feeling nervous, I climb onto the back of a motorcycle driven by a man I have never met before. He hands me a sweaty helmet worn by countless prior passengers and before I’ve had time to completely fasten it, we’re zooming up the hill. We pass little kids playing soccer[Read More…]

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Professors Compare Emerging Democracies

Three Georgetown professors highlighted the similarities among the maturing democracies of Egypt, Turkey and Brazil at a panel discussion Wednesday. Government professor Charles King, international relations professor James Vreeland and government professor Diana Kapiszewski spoke at the event, which was co-sponsored by the Mortara Center for International Studies, the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies and the[Read More…]

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